Writing A Qualified Written Request

Writing A Qualified Written Request

Below is information as well as a temple for writing a Qualified Written Request.

A Qualified Written Request (QWR) is a written correspondence that you or someone acting on your behalf can send to your mortgage servicer. The purpose of a QWR is to dispute an error relating to the servicing of your mortgage loan or to request information about the servicing of your mortgage loan.

Since one of the many scams of Selene Finance is to ignore you while your loan plumets into default using a QWR is one way to get them to respond to you.

According to Section 6 of RESPA Selene Finance is required to acknowledge my request within 20 business days and must try to resolve the issue within 60 business days.


Things to note with a QWR:

The lender or loan servicer must “acknowledge” your qualified written request (QWR) within 20 days.
They must respond to your inquiry in 60 days (for example, clarify the issues you put in dispute and provide your requested accounting).
They must NOT report NEGATIVE CREDIT during the period of the investigation.


Things you can demand with a QWR:

The life of loan accounting for all payments, including loan payments and escrow payments

A copy of your loan documents, such as a copy of the promissory note, deed of trust, adjustable rate riders, truth in lending statements, good faith estimates, loan program disclosures, and other loan documents.


The Goal of a QWR:

Clarify your billing and accounting issues involving your loan payments
Put the loan servicer on notice of your legal rights and let them know they have some work they are legally required to perform

Make them potential defendants if they fail to comply with your lawful demands and are forced to file for an injunction to stop the foreclosure


Download a QWR Template Here