Selene Finance Services Loans For Investment Firms

Selene Finance Services Loans

Selene Finance is servicing your loan for mostly likely an investment company. As I have been telling everyone, make sure you go down to your local recorders office and find out who really owns your loan. Please understand this, Selene Finance is only in business to turn a profit for the investment company they are working for and their true intention is to remove you from your home and resell the property to another investment company. Neither Selene nor the investor will even mess around with the actual sale of your home, the company they sell it to gets stuck with that. Despite what Selene falsely preaches on their website, and what their “customer service” reps will tell you. The only real way to get Selene out of the picture is to refinance and get an entirely new loan. As you may have read all over the internet one of Selenes tactics is to misapply your payment until you are in default, good luck getting a new loan with that on your credit. During my exhaustive research regarding Selene and the individual people that work there most of the people Selene hires used to work in eviction companies and eviction firms, and others are foreclosure specialists. I also recently found out that Selene has three people on its staff that are titled “Contested Foreclosure Specialists”, and three more that are “Litigation Specialists”  These are just the people on staff, that’s not even mentioning that they hire the very best attorneys money can buy (Yes your money, probably from your forbearance payments). I know this firsthand unfortunately.