Selene Finance Loan Modification Discrimination

Due to our business income dropping significantly in trucking and business expenses increasing we fell behind on our mortgage. We applied for a financial hardship loan modification and was approved. Our regular monthly mortgage payment was $3,689.33 the first loan modification we rejected was increasing our mortgage to a new monthly payment of $4,039.00. We replied again for a hardship loan modification and this time they approved again with a letter we just received today 12/30/23 but with a higher amount of $4,389.00 with 3 days to accept it by 1/2/24. The first payment is due 1/1/24. If we were struggling with the original payment amount of $3,689 how would we be able to pay more? I am currently looking into seeking legal representation before I have to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop these crooks! I know this can’t be legal!

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