5 thoughts on “Selene finance lawsuit.”

  1. I’m brand new to Selene, I was sold to them. From the start I’ve felt “off” about them and the company feels a bit scammy to me. Please send me any information regarding this lawsuit.

  2. I too am having problems with Selene Finance. Please send me anything if there is a lawsuit against them. I live in New Jersey and am struggling terribly. Their math is terrible. I cleaned up a huge debt last year but they kept $2,000 on my bill. Ugh. Behind again and need some help desperately.

  3. I experience the same thing the only difference is Selene Sold my loan to Rushmore Loan underhanded. Then Foreclosed. I had to go to court and still battling them.

  4. Rushmore loan management give my loan to selene after u paid them over the amount I owe them. An selene is trying to foreclosure on me.

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