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  1. I spoke with a attorney who is with the law firm that filed my Chapter 13. My loan was falsely sold to these shysters. I finish my case off 5 months early. The attorney told me something I already knew. Selene is a collection agency. They don’t buy loans they are hired buy the bank who supposedly sold you loan. Here in N.C the attorney I spoke with knew about their shenanigan’s. I owe them a little over $24k my home is worth approximately $185k. They will not report to any credit bureau. I Pray for all who are being evicted and behind on their payments.

  2. I would like any information about this lawsuit that someone can give me, I have until this coming Friday to decide if I am going to file chapter 13

  3. I have recently filed a lawsuit against them in my local county. Due to all these similar horror stories in my own experience. If anyone has any questions or can help out in any way let me know. The more people that can join to expose their scams the more people we can help save their homes.

  4. Selene is about to get our home as well … They lied and have drug their feet about sending paperwork, telling us what our CURE would be and now 12 weeks of a review for a modification. My home sales in less than a week and they still have not made a decision on my modification. The don’t answer the phone and when they do I get transferred a dozen times and then the call is dropped and I have to start all over. I spend hours trying to talk to someone, only to hear lies and promises that they never follow through with.
    If there is a lawsuit going on please let me know so I can help make them pay for what they are doing.
    We are closing in on 60 and don’t have time to start over with trying to buy a new home.

  5. I’m brand new to Selene, I was sold to them. From the start I’ve felt “off” about them and the company feels a bit scammy to me. Please send me any information regarding this lawsuit.

  6. I too am having problems with Selene Finance. Please send me anything if there is a lawsuit against them. I live in New Jersey and am struggling terribly. Their math is terrible. I cleaned up a huge debt last year but they kept $2,000 on my bill. Ugh. Behind again and need some help desperately.

  7. I experience the same thing the only difference is Selene Sold my loan to Rushmore Loan underhanded. Then Foreclosed. I had to go to court and still battling them.

  8. Rushmore loan management give my loan to selene after u paid them over the amount I owe them. An selene is trying to foreclosure on me.

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