Is this still an active situation ???

I just found out Selene acquired my mortgage to service

they filed a foreclosure on 10/27/2023

i never received any kind of contact that they were my loan servicer or that my loan was being sold again for the fourth or fifth time now that I found out who they are I went on the website and found out the first statement that was mailed to me was dated October 31. After the date they filed for a foreclosure not even contacting me they are the new servicer in Florida representative assist me but I think I need more I can’t lose my home everything my family has been to complications of natural disaster, extended Covid shut down beyond my control and serious medical condition of my husband. Anybody has any resources to assist me I greatly appreciate it. I had to have my son move home to help tend to my husband who has been in crisis went on the county website saw that my response, even though it was late was received, and I’m entitled to a hearing Celine attorneys have filed for final summary judgment. literally was just served as summon in November responded first week of December if anybody’s in Florida that knows that does pro bono work I am in desperate need I’m already working 18 to 19 hours a day would appreciate any assistance.

my email is

this is the email I am using for everything related to the home. I appreciate anyone’s help


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