Have You Been Scammed By Selene Finance?

Hello everyone, and welcome to TheVictimsOfSeleneFinance.org website. This website has been many years in the making. After over 5 miserable years with Selene Finance, a 2 year long forebearance, a ridiculous loan modification, and inevitable foreclosure and eviction I felt the need for this website. Selene Finance has absolutely no intention of helping you, only removing you from your home and turn a profit for the investment company/bank they are working for.  I have created this website to help and inform others of the true scams behind Selene Finance. Please join me in posting your Selene Finance story.

It is imperative that you tell your story, recent news has indicated that Selene Finance has now acquired over 72,000 new loans, poor bastards, that my friends, is scary.

2 thoughts on “Have You Been Scammed By Selene Finance?”

  1. My name is Edward Smith my email is smithinnovations40@yahoo.com I have Selene Finance I need help.I am on SSI Selene as not provide answers to question of how they got the mortgage and even now they have my home up for auction on July 26,2017 I live in the state of Maryland.I am alone and scared I have battled against Bank Of America for 2 years plus and now this company How are these people allowed to be in business,we need the federal government to look into this company they are not a bank they do not have a FDIC code they use other legal means like lawyers which I don,t think they fully tell these law firms the full picture I had people take pictures of my home,I would like people to send information on how to fight these scam artist

  2. they are scammers, and do not help they put you right to foreclosure, they make no deals! and unfortunately not even an attorney can help you!

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