Have You Been Scammed By Selene Finance?

Hello everyone, and welcome to TheVictimsOfSeleneFinance.org website. This website has been many years in the making. After over 5 miserable years with Selene Finance, a 2 year long forebearance, a ridiculous loan modification, and inevitable foreclosure and eviction I felt the need for this website. Selene Finance has absolutely no intention of helping you, only removing you from your home and turn a profit for the investment company/bank they are working for.  I have created this website to help and inform others of the true scams behind Selene Finance. Please join me in posting your Selene Finance story.

It is imperative that you tell your story, recent news has indicated that Selene Finance has now acquired over 72,000 new loans, that my friends, is scary.

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  1. I am going through the same thing, I went on the Forbearance plan with community loan services, just after covid hit, my wife has copd and the doctor suggested that she not work, we are a 2 income family both over 50. My Forbearance plan was over in October 2021. Community loan services gave me a home modification plan I called in fist payment and a week later I received a letter from selene saying that I had to pay all up front. I freaked out how am I supposed come up with that large amount.
    2 to 3 months after that they said that they could fill out a home modification plan but I still had to pay back payments up front. In between taking my wife to doctor appointments twice a week and trying to work I fell farther behind. My wife went back to work in April 2022 and I called selene for help. I said I would pay my normal amount and 2 to 3 hundred extra each month. Selene said I didn’t fill out all the paperwork and filed to late . My house was going up for foreclosure in July.
    I called NH banking association and they gave me more time to do all the paperwork over again. I talked to one person from selene and he said that he received the paperwork and that I fill out my income wrong and to change it and fax it to him so I did. I waited for a couple of weeks for them to review it. A week before my foreclosure sale date which gives me no time to do anything, they denied my home modification because I was already in foreclosure, they said they didn’t get my paperwork and because of my credit score. Now I have to file for chapter 13 before the end of this month.

  2. I just received notice that mortgage with sold to these people. Greenies horror stories I’m afraid to even engage in communication with them. Can someone give me the best direction. I am retired and was behind 3 months on my mortgage when I found out it was sold to this company. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to file bankruptcy if necessary to keep my house

  3. A legit business that makes it to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s “most complained” list. Sure

    Or how about over 1700 complaints dating back 10 years, there are more since Selene’s been around since 07

  4. Not our fault you guys don’t read and understand what a forbearance is lmaoooo. A forbearance is when they suspend the payments for however many months u choose. And u poor bastards choose to not make a payment at all cause u hear and see the word “suspended”. For the months your payment is suspended there is no late fee or penalty. But at the end of the plan u OWE THE FULL BALANCE IN ONE LUMP SUM. For however many months u agreed too. Read and understand and ask questions. Selene is a legit business and wouldn’t put their self in danger for y’all old ass dusty house. They have way many more loans.

  5. I am in the process of trying to get a modification with Selene Finance. They don’t want to give it to me unless i pay $15,000 dollars to keep it from being foreclose on the 7th of April. I am glad I saw this, they have not been trying to help me keep my home. Now I know they are trying to take my house.

  6. They purchased my mortgage due foreclosure , purchased my home for 83,000 which is what I owed before I got behind. I hired a attorney paid them for about 2 years when all was said and done I owed $110,000 on my home plus another $10,000 once paid off. The mediator wanted me to question it but I thought my lawyer knew what she was doing . I got screwed by her and Selene. Then a year later they sell my mortgage and somehow tack another $1500 on to my mortgage without me knowing about it until I get the statement. Which is still on there , I’m not paying. I need to have a attorney look at the paperwork the original attorney did also .

  7. All these stories are my story! I just git foreclosed on in Oct. 2018. I went for a mod with Chase & then after a year of trying to fill out the application right, I finally got a trial period of a year. When the year was iver, they sold it to Seterus. Then had to do a 6 month trial period with them. Yhey were the worst! Tgey denied ever recieving a single payment when they were directlt withdrawn out of my account on time for the 6 minths!! Then the crazy stories started . Every time I called to straighten things out, i’d get a different person & a different excuse! Finally, Seterus sold it to Selene who tried doubling my payments for no reason!! Then they started sending me back my payments!! Absolutely unheard of!! Now, im foreclosed on, homeless, & absolutely heart broken. Its crazy they get away with this & continue to do so to undeserving decent law abiding citizens of this great old country we call, “ Our United States Of America. The good ole’ USA. I can’t believe that this is accepted & truly happening to our hard working citizens of our country. I actually have to say for the first time ever in my 49 years of lifein this earth, that I’m actually ashamed to be from this, United States of America! Where this is going on & people are loosing their long awaited American Dream! Ya, its more like the American nightmare if u ask me! Also, the worse part is the tremendous greed from these banks & institutions. Who’s really making out here in the long run? The people that are lying to us on the phone when we call & try & straighten the mess out? I seriously doubt it. All I have to say is this,“ I’m thankful that i don’t have to lie, be deceitful, meanor degrade anyone for my job!! They couldn’t pay me enough to be that way to anyone. I know I wont be the one burning in Hell for all of eternity when it’s my turn to meet the good Lord & Maker of Heaven & Earth.” I’ll be praying for all those scammed people out there, & i wish u the vest of luck!! Also, Please, please try not to let them get the best of u with depression or any other sickness or disorders this can cause. They’ve taken enough from u already!
    Very Much Sincere,
    Christine From Weymouth, Ma.

  8. Shom2700@yahoo.com
    I had a second mortgage that was paid off with bail out funds when the market COLLAPSED in 2010. I paid selene 5,000 on a 50k second, they received 45k from government bail out funds. They sent me a paid off letter but never sent me a released LIEN. LAST NOV a company contacted me to tell me they own my second mortgage sold by SELENE! I explained I paid it off, it shows paid on full on my credit report and ive since refinanced my home title search done no selene showed up. The company that bought foreclosed on my home I am still on it but any day they will evict me and my 80 year old mom who is on HOSPICE . I have been in my home 13 years and have a 780 credit score. MY first mortgage lender is current but the second is foreclosing! I hope selene who bye was Taylor Bean and Whitaker the company who was closed down for fraud! God help me! I am a 60 year old grandmother who is caregiver to me mom! Any ideas?

  9. they are scammers, and do not help they put you right to foreclosure, they make no deals! and unfortunately not even an attorney can help you!

  10. My name is Edward Smith my email is smithinnovations40@yahoo.com I have Selene Finance I need help.I am on SSI Selene as not provide answers to question of how they got the mortgage and even now they have my home up for auction on July 26,2017 I live in the state of Maryland.I am alone and scared I have battled against Bank Of America for 2 years plus and now this company How are these people allowed to be in business,we need the federal government to look into this company they are not a bank they do not have a FDIC code they use other legal means like lawyers which I don,t think they fully tell these law firms the full picture I had people take pictures of my home,I would like people to send information on how to fight these scam artist

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