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    My husband and I were transferred from Loancare to Selene finance in August of 2014. We received a Welcome letter from Selene dated 08/01/2014, dated stamped 08/05/2014 and received by is via us mail 08/15/2014. Since we did not know to pay another mortgage servicing company we sent our august payment to Loancare. For the past four years Selene has been unable to locate this payment. Loancare states they transferred the payment to Selene, Selene states they never received it. WE sent proof of payment as requested by Selene for the August payment and Selene came back and said it was September 2014 that was missing. We sent proof of the September 2014 payment and they sent us a letter stating they needed the August 2014 proof of payment. We have 150 letters from Selene stating they have 30 days to review the dispute. They have reported us 30 days late 18 times because they have been unable to locate the lost payment. Now we have sold the house and are unable to get a construction loan because of these lates. WE ended up paying an extra payment in 2015 to stop them from reporting us 30 days late. We showed caught up and they held one of our payments. After that we sent all my payments by US mail with a tracking number. we would have to send Selene a email with the tracking information because the tracking number would say the payment was there and almost a week later they had not posted these payments. We think Selene needs to be audited and sued for ruining mortgagees credit scores and charging all these late fees. Three weeks ago we filed another dispute with Selene and the credit bureaus again stating Selene’s payment accuracy is incorrect. Three days after filing the dispute with Selene we receive another 30 day notice from Selene to look into this. WE added them to the collection we have accumulated for the past 4 years. WE are think of filing something with the court and bringing the collection of letter we have from Selene. It is a whole box full. One day we received 6 of these letters that they have 30days to respond. This has been the longest 30 days. WE hope someone sues Selene….

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