Timely Payments, Selene Finance Screws Up Loan

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    Janet McVey

    Selene Finance Screws Up Loan

    I’m not a foreclosure victim. I’ve NEVER had one payment late to Bank of America. But BOA decided to sell my loan, I guess to pay their BILLIONS penalties to the Federal Government. Selene Finance not only wiped out my 8 years of accelerated payments, which are suppose to help take years off of a mortgage, but they screwed up my paperwork 3 TIMES on automated payments that I have had to continue to call every month to give them payments. They “lost” my paperwork, which included checking account information, SS#, all my personal financial and business financial information. NEVER, EVER, go to SELENE voluntarily. If your scum of the earth finance company sells your loan to Selene, find something else asap. I am now working on trying to get refinanced, which is going to cost a lot of money just to re-fi, to get away from these horrible people. I have filed a complaint with GA Banking & Finance and Consumer Finance Bureau in Washington. Just keep complaining. Bottom feeders like Selene will NOT go on forever.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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