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    As a lot of people, I ran into issues with the last two years of COVID. My wife lost her job then I lost mine. We went into a loan mod process for 18 months with Bank of America. After the mortgage relief, I was assigned a lower mortgage and had a 3 month “try it” period of paying my mortgage at the lower rate. Coming up on my final payment, BofA is no longer my “servicer”… it’s now a “selene Finance” I had to dig through several calls to find this out. I was able to contact Selene initially and they stated that yes, my modification was still in place and we agreed that I would call back the last week of Jan for that 1 Feb payment. Here, I have now made several (over a dozen) calls to Selene Finance, with zero response and no callbacks. Today, it’s the 1st of Feb and I had wanted to have my payment made by today as it was the last one. Selene is unreachable and I am at my wits end as to what to do. Reading all these complaints though is not giving me the best feelings in the world to say the least. I will continue trying but the phone will rng for about 15 minutes, twith the occasional “leave a callback number” then I get the message: “The person assigned to your file is not available. Please leave a message”. Needless to say, 3 days of messages so far and nothing.

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