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    As a lot of people, I ran into issues with the last two years of COVID. My wife lost her job then I lost mine. We went into a loan mod process for 18 months with Bank of America. After the mortgage relief, I was assigned a lower mortgage and had a 3 month “try it” period of paying my mortgage at the lower rate. Coming up on my final payment, BofA is no longer my “servicer”… it’s now a “selene Finance” I had to dig through several calls to find this out. I was able to contact Selene initially and they stated that yes, my modification was still in place and we agreed that I would call back the last week of Jan for that 1 Feb payment. Here, I have now made several (over a dozen) calls to Selene Finance, with zero response and no callbacks. Today, it’s the 1st of Feb and I had wanted to have my payment made by today as it was the last one. Selene is unreachable and I am at my wits end as to what to do. Reading all these complaints though is not giving me the best feelings in the world to say the least. I will continue trying but the phone will rng for about 15 minutes, twith the occasional “leave a callback number” then I get the message: “The person assigned to your file is not available. Please leave a message”. Needless to say, 3 days of messages so far and nothing.

    Stephen Foster

    Like many of you I too have a Selene and Shellpoint horror story interesting how many times bothers companies names become connected and do business together. Has anyone contacted an attorney or started a class action against Selene Shellpoint and a few others?
    Let me know Selene found my modification that Ditech did that Shellpoint had that sent to Selene that then tried to start the whole process over but once given they can’t do that they must honor the one given etc. Selene admitted that to me
    But they are dragging their feet getting it squared away they have had it since 6/2020 and started foreclosure 02/2023 for 03/07/2023 now if they foreclose knowing they have the docs anyway I would think they might have a huge problem and a bigger lawsuit

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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