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    Please see this video posted on the web by Michael & Wasylik PL who are attorneys . Finally an attorney that’s willing to help you. After listening to his video gather all the information and submit it to the Notice of Error Address that’s listed on your statement. Please send the information 2/3 Priority Mail with a return signature requested. Hope this help you guys & I am still fighting my battle with Selene Finance. One thing that I did learn from CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) is that if you mail in a payment that is not the complete amount (I left off .28 in error) your payment is suppose to be put in a suspense account & Selence Finance was suppose to notify us that payment was short of the amount due. THEY DID NOTHING BUT DESTROY MY HUSBAND credit. His credit score was 840 and it dropped to 710 for 28 cents.

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