Selene LIES!

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    My Nightmare with Selene began at the beginning of Covid. I was NOT in default. I’d like to repeat I was not in default. I had just paid my mortgage to Selene when I was notified my business was being closed temporarily because of Covid. I contacted Selene to see what options were available to someone effected by covid. Since our government was giving the banks money to help people just like me, I was wondering what options I had. That is were the Selene lies began. Of course they have “no record” of the calls were their representatives lied. I ended up being forced into bankruptcy to save my home –even though I was NOT drowning in debt. Since Selene refused to accept my money AND refused to accept the money from my state, I had no choice but to file bankruptcy or have my home go to auction. Which by the way they scheduled the sale of my home on December 26, the day after Christmas. Classic Selene move.

    Also beware that the “Loan Modification” is nothing more than a stall tactic so they can keep your balance accruing, making it more difficult for you to pay, and ruining your credit so legitimate lenders don’t deal with you.


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