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    Carolyn L

    Here is a synopsis of my experience with Selene Finance Shortsale

    I had a short sale listing in Norwood Young America, MN in which Selene Finance was the lender. Not only were they extremely difficult to work with; I would get the run around from them when contacting them. They also sent a company out to the property knowing full well that it was listed (because I had 3rd party authorization to talk to them) and cut my lockbox off and changed the locks giving myself and any potential realtors showing it, no access to the property. I found this out by going there and checking on the property. When I contacted them about this, they told me they did not give anyone authorization to do that. I had already called the company that did it because they left a note posted on the door and then gave me the code to get in. The also told me that they were hired by Selene. It doesn’t stop there though. After a couple of months and having an offer submitted to Selene waiting for their approval or a counteroffer, my clients (the sellers) were contacted by phone by another Realtor who said he worked with Selene and solicited my clients by them if they wanted to do a cash for keys which entailed cancelling the listing contract with me and they might get $1500. The key word was might and they would most likely have to share the $1500. They asked this Realtor how he got their cell numbers and he told them that Selene had given them to him. The sellers called me immediately and told me what had happened. Being that this was a divorce situation, it was already a difficult transaction and the other Realtor contacting them made it even worse. The husband then decided he did not want to continue on because he thought he could get some money. The listing ended up getting cancelled and I had to notify the buyers realtor and tell him what happened and why. That’s kind of in a nutshell what happened but picture it 10 times uglier than that plus all of the time and mileage that I had into it. No bank should be allowed to lie to clients or realtors or hire another realtor and tell them to solicit a current listing. Not ethical at all.

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