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    Corinne Thomas

    Selene Finance Foreclosure

    Jan. 2010 I started the process to get a loan modification with Wells Fargo because my income was going to drop by 40% over the next year. The first offer was a higher monthly payment. What? After the second offer in Aug. 2011, which wasn’t much of a modification, I decided to sign because above all else I want to keep my house. I started looking for a 3rd job (already had a full-time and part-time job) but was exhausted after each application I filled out. At that point I decided to let the house go.

    My home was schedules for sale on Dec. 6, 2012. Found out in March 2013 that it had not sold and I still owned it when Wells Fargo called and asked me to do a short sale. After talking to a couple of realtors I realized I would have to rent it out because I was not moving back in just to move right back out again. In June 2013 I received a check from a class action lawsuit because of Wells Fargo’s illegal foreclosure practices. Now I knew why they cancelled the Trustee’s sale last Dec. In Aug. 2013 I received a letter stating my mortgage was now owned by a Trust and Selene Finance was the loan servicer. I figured I had nothing to lose and gave then a call. I was told that they wanted to work with me. After complete cooperation on my part and several thousand dollars, I found out by accident that they had lied to me. I had started all the repairs and spent hundreds on paint and repair stuff due to the damage caused by the renters. I then had a year long battle with them and finally lost my house on June 9th. No one bid on the house according to the title company but a couple of days later I received a call from a realtor again offering cash for keys. She told me some investor bought it. I looked today and found that the deed had finally been filed and another trust now owned my home. Internet search reveals that this trust has the same address as Selene Finance. Will wonders never cease!

    Selence Finance lied to me about the original deal. Lied to me about who owns my mortgage and again about who bought it. No one bought it. They just transferred it to yet another of Bank of America’s holding trusts registered in Delaware, where they get very favorable trust laws. And who owns Wells Fargo? Bank of America. Thieves, the whole bunch of them.


    The reason that I can help is I originally started doing this as a way to do foreclosure prevention for the homes in my area because our foreclosure rate had doubled by 50% let alone in 6 months. In doing this I was able to access records to lenders that most people weren’t able to see, I’ve been to law school but I don’t want to be a lawyer but I also do have the pass experience of working for Wells Fargo’s foreclosure team and I do have access to their foreclosure manuals so speak. When given the opportunity to take down lenders as Selene, who feel that they are Untouchable because they’re smaller Out Of Reach and a lot of investors. I ustilize all tge options, doors, contacts, and courts ti make sure they are in fact in compliance. I worked for a national law firm for 10 years and what they charged was outrageous. So I made a change and began my company.  To date I have been able to rectify misapplied payments, award modifications tgat had been 5 years waiting, stop sale dates, and have sale dates rescinded. I help homeowners keep their homes and be treated and serviced correctly by their lender no matter what.


    Our lone was sold from Bank of America to Selene. For a year now we’ve made every payment canceled checks and everything and they still say we owe them over 1500.00 even though we can prove otherwise. What a joke I thought Bank of America was bad. LOL Boy was I wrong.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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