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    Brenda Mays

    My parents had always had a good credit history until a few years ago. They were trying to re-finance their mortgage through Bank of America, where they had their original mortgage. They got charged a huge fee for flood insurance even though their home had never needed this before. There hasn’t ever been flooding here as far back as any records show, other than during the days of Noah’s Ark recorded in Genesis. The insurance was higher than the mortgage payments! They were retired and dad ended up making payments by spending his life savings without telling any of us. When that ran out, he couldn’t make his payments anymore and fell further and further behind. He got very depressed about it and saw no way out. Eventually, BOA sold the mortgage to Selene Finance, who have hounded them relentlessly every single day, driving them to despair. Mom suffers from dementia now and the stress on dad is unbearable. They just got notice that their home will be auctioned off next month as a resule of a Selene Finance Foreclosure On An Elderly couple . I hope this doesn’t kill them.

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