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    Due to our business income dropping significantly in trucking and business expenses increasing we fell behind on our mortgage. We applied for a financial hardship loan modification and was approved. Our regular monthly mortgage payment was $3,689.33 the first loan modification we rejected was increasing our mortgage to a new monthly payment of $4,039.00. We replied again for a hardship loan modification and this time they approved again with a letter we just received today 12/30/23 but with a higher amount of $4,389.00 with 3 days to accept it by 1/2/24. The first payment is due 1/1/24. If we were struggling with the original payment amount of $3,689 how would we be able to pay more? I am currently looking into seeking legal representation before I have to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop these crooks! I know this can’t be legal!


    I know your pain!!!! We are having to complete a whole new modification package during this holiday season. Figures our income would also decrease (construction) during this time. I learned everytime they have to request additional documents, it bumps the loan back 30 days.

    AND THIS MOST RECENT DENIAL IN DEC: because each page wasn’t numbered, signed & dated.

    I ALWAYS CALL BEFORE SENDING AND CONFIRM WHAT IS NEEDED NOW BECAUSE THIS HAS BEEN YEARS. Our mortgage doubled to $2000. Insane. They tell me I have it all and it looks good and it’s under review…then turn around and MAKE UP A DIFFERENT REASON EVERYTIME THEY REQUEST ANOTHER DOCUMENT OR WHATEVER BS THEY SAY.

    *****We are about to lose our home. Two adults, 17yr old, and 3 year old special needs daughter who is in a program at our local school. Moving would destroy everything I have worked so hard to do for her to be comfortable in her surroundings.

    What can we do? I’ve taken so many notes. Been through this so many times. They record our calls right? Wouldn’t we be entitled to a copy if we wanted? In any case…I have started recording calls for our own protection to prove they are extremely unethical. Changing the rules everytime I call. It’s unacceptable.

    Sadly I feel nothing will happen until after many of us lose our properties.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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