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    Regena LeBean

    My husband and I had been in Bankruptcy from 2016-2020 completed 4yrs. Bankruptcy ended 2020 was court ordered to resume mortgage payments, made 6 payments and my next 3pymts selene started returning back to us b/c they said we owed more. They had no records of the 6 pymts that I had already made plus was not excepting any other pymts from us so I sent them copies of the pymts I had made and customer service kept saying they showed no records of receiving any of my 6 pymts. So I went thru calling and retrieving confirmations of reciepts from money gram showing someone there has signed for these 6 pymts, plus dealing with the pymts they were returning to me. There’s a lot more to our delimma but my nerves are so shot I have essential tremor dealing with this company and their bad record keeping. However we ended bk into bankruptcy not 6mths out of the first b/c of Selene finance. I filed a claim with CFPB against selene and they responded to it saying they have their records straight now and if we could just return the pymts bk that they sent bk to us everything would be straight sorry for the! Really selene We’re bk in another bankruptcy thanks to your bad record keeping. I hope someone sees this and can help b/c it’s been devastating trying to make ends meet, we just knew after the first bankruptcy we were bk on track

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