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    I have also sent this to top class action as well about Selene finance. But encourage others to do so immediately before it’s too late and you find yourself foreclosed on. I’m also communicating with several other attorneys and filing complaints with the following organizations [Lone Star Legal Aid, which is organized to help low income Texans with their legal matters.] ALSO CFPB website ( or by calling our toll free hotline at 1‐855‐411‐CFPB (2372) or TTY/TDD phone at 855‐729‐CFPB (855‐729‐2372). Contact center representatives are available to assist you from 8am‐8pm EST. Mortgage servicers are also regulated by federal law, particularly the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act (RESPA). You have the right to request information about your loan and to dispute errors. You can read about RESPA and your rights here:
    SELNE is a D rated company – according to BBB, that took over our mortgage and we have been having problem ever since. Several months ago they sent us letters and began calling about a late payment. When I spoke to them they were certain it was late even though we told them it shows on our bank statement that it was received and process on time. Once I told them that my parents who co-own the house with me are elderly and ill with heart disease and stage 4 cancer, miraculously it turned out that “my father seemed to be overpaying on the account and there was already a full payment in credit??”(BS!) Yet this issue had hit our credit and I had to pay credit repair to fix ($99/mo). Now again as of last week they have initiated the same circumstances upon us and they are saying that as long as we use bill pay this will keep happening…even though we can prove our payments are arriving on time. So instead of paying late charges, I am shelling out $99 a month of fees I cannot afford. I also noticed they do not send these accusations in writing, but call and talk to me or my ill father and in a disgustingly rude manner. Upon reviewing this web site, I have reason to believe that they may be targeting a select market of homeowners, in particular those who are having financial difficulty, ILL OR Elderly, or those who have owned the home for over 5 years…#EQUITY…

    I am enclosing several review websites containing information all pertaining to the same pattern of complaints:

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