Please help!! My house is going to auction next week

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    I was negotiating with them about loan modification. Also, I was trying to dispute $1371 they charged for insurance. I faxed the insurance policy a few times, but they told me they haven’t received. In end of March, they told me to provide the insurance policy. April, I faxed the policy again and tried to tell them that I faxed the insurance policy again and kept asking to lower the interest rate. ( 5.375% I have ) I also made sure not to foreclose my house. All the representatives I talked told me they won’t foreclose. Then, they suddenly foreclosed my house. I asked them why? Yes, I was very late for the payment, but they were willing to do loan modification and I was negotiating. Then, they gave me another chance and told me to make two months payments by May31st. They told me to moneygram the money from Walmart. I made sure if they accept the payment even last day. They said they will take if I go to Walmart on May 31st. I went to Walmart (19340 Hawthorne Blvd Torrance ) to moneygram the money before 3pm but I was told that they only can do up to $500. I called Selene Finance and asked what to do. There was no supervisor and I was told to call back tomorrow morning. I kept asking if there’s any other way to make payment. She said wiring takes 24-48hours. I was never told about wiring before. All I was told was to send by moneygram from Walmart. I was on the phone for 40minutes. The representative just told me to call back next morning. I called next morning and asked a way to make payment. But I was told they won’t take payment anymore and they won’t stop the foreclosure process unless I pay reinstatement fee. Yesterday, they emailed me a reinstatement quote for a wrong person, Elizabeth in NY. They sent me another quote next day and it says $90771. I could have stopped foreclosure last month if I was able to pay $4480 by May31 and I brought that money. I tried to dispute but the customer service blocked and rejected my email. Now my house is going to auction on June16th. I have a sick cat. We don’t have place to go. Please help!!!

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