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    My loan was sold to Selene after filing chapter 13. What a nightmare. This company disguise’s itself as a mortgage company. When in-fact they are a collection agency. After finishing my 13 case, I decided to refinance. The lender was having a hard time getting the payoff. Finally, after a 3-way call with Selene and the lender. I thought everything was finished with them. I closed last week. All the funds had been dispatched, I decided to sign in my online account. The loan is still showing active. I called Selene after waiting for 30 minutes. Finally, an agent answered. I ask her why my account was still showing active. She replied there had been no one to call about a payoff. Which showed me that was a lie. What they are trying to do is play dumb and cause me to be 30 days late. I have called the other lender also the broker to take care of this crap from Selene. Boy I sure will be glad to be away from these bandits.

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