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    To whom this may concern: 
    We are the victims of a predatory leader who has made it impossible to to make any headway or dent into our principal balance due to absorbent fees being overcharged not even letting us know what the fees are for or why. 

    Selene finance bought our loan from Chase Bank in 2010 after my husband became ill from a massive heart attack Oct 30, 2009. Selene said we could do a loan modification at that time but had to be 3 months behind before they could do any modification making our interest lower thus lowering our mortgage payment.  Wow this sounded great since my husband was now on short term disability and we were unsure of his future return to work. 

    After months of turning in paperwork and meeting deadlines required by Selene we would have to start the whole process all over again due to some paperwork missing or paperwork that was out of date. This was a stall tactic to start foreclosure procedures on our home. We would hire an attorney to get everything back in line after thousands of dollars spent on attorneys. They would misplace payments, lose payments that were processed through our account, somehow we always were behind in our escrow and needed to add more funds to the account to keep them at bay. 

    We allowed our children to move into the home to begin making the monthly payments while I traveled for work. The children got the mortgage behind. We are done with Selene. The only way to escape is to sale. In an effort to sale the home we thought we were going to have to evict or remove the kids from the property in order to make the property sellable after the destruction they caused to the property.

    Then the fees, unheard of fees. We bought our house for $172 000 in November of 2006 and our pay off right now is $238 771 when we go to closing. From 2010 until 2022 we owe more now than ever. The only way out of this nightmare with Selene is to sell. 

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