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    Hi I am from New Jersey-
    It now appears these scammers are expanding their scam to the New Jersey area. The company Selene Finance LLC now has a location in New Jersey, and not just Texas- as it was reported online. BBB

    Selene Finance LLC
    Financial planner in West Deptford Township, New Jersey
    Address: 100 Grove Rd #6, Thorofare, NJ 08086
    Phone: (877) 735-3637

    My wife and I recently cured a debt with Selene Finance for $14,500 in May 2018 and it has not been reported to the credit bureau’s i have asked them several times to do so, but it all seems to fall on deaf ears. They like to provoke frustration and play it down as though we are not being “calm” you just know your being “toyed” because the answers they give to your questions are never clear. For instance, before we sent the $14,500 to cure our debt we were led to believe our debt would be just that “cured.” But after much denial on their part they finally told my wife and I we owe them an extra $5100.00 in “Corporate fees.” I have contacted their attorney Kominski and Manfro to request how much monies they have received for litigating and on their behalf and a break down of these fees as well loan fees that would amount to $21,000.00 in total. Our account is current but it has not been reported to the credit bureau’s.
    so I am writing this information to alert the other homeowners in New jersey who will most likely read this post.


    I have been dealing with Selene from 2012 till now. I am in NJ, They would not take my payment and take loans over to take the home, that is a fact, they do not even have the right accounting, and add property fees such as mowing your lawn, they are a nightmare and the new AG off NJ needs to stop any foreclosure they have ,they buy in bulk for pennies on the dollar, most people never missed a payment and they dupe you into foreclosure.There are a few Facebook sites that are up and coming in NJ Exposing Foreclosure Fraud in NJ, Homeowners Against Mortgage Servicing Fraud, these sites have alot of info as the system is set up for these lying servicers,


    I’ve been fighting with Selene Finance for over two years now. We’ve been trying to get a loan modification since the beginning of 2018. Every time we send a new packet in we hear, always right before the deadline that we’re missing documentation or we forgot to sign something, We weren’t behind on our mortgage yet and our credit was still pretty good then. Now forget about it! We’re at their mercy and will probably be going into foreclosure with the home we’ve been in for over 30 years…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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