Loan transferred to Selene and they show me two months late when I am not.

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    I took out a new loan with Cornerstone Mortgage in December of 2020. My first payment was due on Feb 1 which I made on Han 29th to Cornerstone Mortgage. I then got a letter dated Jan 28th from Fannie Mae saying my loan was transferred to a completely different servicer. I called Cornerstone Mortgage and they immediately emailed me their ‘Goodbye’ letter which was dated Feb 2nd and which stated that they had transferred my loan to selene Finance.
    On Feb 9th I called Selene Finance and they could not locate any record of my loan. They assured me that they would get it all straightened out shortly and not to worry.
    On Feb 22nd I received my welcome call from Selene Finance which was informative and at least lured me into thinking all was OK.
    Then, on Feb 24th I received my first of a series of Collection Calls. Seems they found my loan and my phone number but had not credited my prior payments nor had they located my Escrow Funds. They wanted me to immediately make the payment I had already made and would not listen to anything I had to say to the contrary. I managed to get transferred to a supervisor who was kind enough to send me the Welcome Packet that Selene should have sent to me. That packet was never received by regular mail.
    I forwarded the emails from Selene to my previous lender and they found out that they kept my first payment and never sent it to Selene. They immediately wired the payment to Selene and promised to make it all correct but guess what??
    Yes, another Collection Call on Sat Feb 27th. This time I refused to interact with them as they obviously do not care for me as an individual but only as a easy target.

    In reading the Selene Finance letter, I noticed several inconsistencies.
    First the letter was dated Feb 17th. In the letter I am informed that they became the servicer for my loan on Feb 2nd and that all payments made after Feb 4th would need to be sent to Selene. No problem, as I had the information from the welcome call and had scheduled my March 1 payment through my banks Bill Pay system. Seems weird that they dated the letter two weeks after the effective date of the transfer…

    I registered with Selene Finance on the 27th and logged into my account to discover that I was being reported as Past Due. I also found that they had used some of my Escrow Funds to pay for my PMI. That PMI payment comes from the payments I make and not Escrow Funds which are my funds being prepaid for Property Taxes and Insurance.

    I checked my account again on Feb 28th to discover that they are now reporting me as being Two Months Past Due even though my payment is not even due until the 1st!!

    I hope I make it through all this with some sanity left, but I am a believer that Selene Finance is out simply to put me into default and take action against me.

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