Loan Sold to Selene Finance and They Have STOLEN Escrow FUNDS

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    Loan was sold to Selene Finance in December, 2021. Escrow Funds were transferred on January 22, 2022. Amount of $1213.02. On January 24th, 2024 Selene Finance sent us “Serving Transfer Information” and SUPPOSEDLY a check for $1345.78 from our escrow account.
    In March of 2022 I noticed that our escrow account did not have the forwarded funds and did not have enough money in it to fund the taxes due in April. The taxes due were $1893.30. I started calling for help and every time I called I would get someone different and the answers ranged from we will do a new escrow analysis (which never happened at all until May) to you have to correspond through the mail for this type of problem?.
    Finally in May, 2022, I spoke with a Manager by the name of Ruben Dunn. He was very smooth with his wording and how he handled the situation and said he would look into and call me back that same day. He did not. But he covered himself when I called the next week and he had entered into the computer that he had called me and there was no answer and tried to leave a message and couldn’t. I had no missed calls on my phone and he could have left a message.
    Finally a new escrow analysis was done and it matched our prior mortgage pymts. from the other mortgage co..
    And since they decided that the escrow was underfunded , that we would not be receiving the refund check. That’s fine, but the missing escrow funds still do not show up in our escrow account and now on our latest statement it shows “past payment breakdown” in the escrow and taxes line the amount of $3294.08. It should only show the taxes paid in April ($1893.30). They have included our prior escrow fund into past payment breakdown so that if they ever sell our loan, it looks like they are already paid to us our past escrow funds!!!!! This company has even went into our account online and changed entries on our account. Our escrow account had showed the deposit of the missing funds from January, 2022 and it showed our payments. Now that account for taxes and insurance only goes to March of 2022 and our mortgage payments have been changed also. This is illegal in what they have done to us. We have made an appointment with a Attorney specialized in real estate and am hoping he can give us direction as to what we need to do next.
    This mortgage company has given us no other resolve, they will not even take my calls or call me back. Isn’t that illegal as well?
    I have also contacted our former mortgage company and they will be contacting Selene Finance internally hoping to get more information and getting back to me.
    Have NEVER had anything like this happen before!!!
    Selene Finance are CROOKS!!!!

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