Late fee scam!

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    Tried paying late fees online while making two months of payments at the same time. This would bring my account current as I was behind. Checking the late fee box did not work, which I believe is set up that way. So, I called two times to see what the problem is. The first Selene staffer wanted to remote into my computer to see what was going on. Uh no, not letting anyone do that as it is a work computer. She would only take the late fee payment on the phone if I also made the payments on the phone, which I was not comfortable doing. So, I made the two payments online and called again to see if they would take the late payment fee on the phone. The second guy told me the only way I could pay the late fee was to make another mortgage payment, which is not due until 6/15. I am not ready to do that today, so he said I could post date the late fee and the mortgage payment. No, I am not comfortable with that as I tried post dating a payment once and they withdrew TWO payments from my checking account which cause a negative balance as I only requested ONE payment be made. So, I told him the whole inability to make late fee payments was highly unethical and possible illegal which I will report to the IL Attorney General’s office. I asked to speak to his manager, who was not available but would call me back. Asked for his name and he would only say Matt M. I tried to get a last name, but he would not give it to me. Guess it’s ok to jack up my interest rate from 4 to 7%, have my ssn, checking account number, address, etc., but not ok to give me a managers last name. Got it! Will make sure to tell the Attorney general’s office all of it. Thank you for this website and I will definitely join the CAL! Peggy K, Homewood, IL

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