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    Casey A.

    I’m not quite sure where to begin! I’ve had my mortgage with Selene Finance for 5 years I believe. Flagstar prior. We have had financial problems in the past. I did a modification (which took a year). Since then, we have had other financial issues. However, have made our payments. When we did our modification we were in the midst of a ch 13 BK. We are now out of it. However, when I call they still refer to our attorney. I’ve told them NUMEROUS times that he no longer represents us. The mortgage is actually in my husbands name but I have authorization to speak on the account. I’d say probably 50% of the time I call I have to hang up and call back because the person I am speaking with “cant find the authorization”. Then when I call back, its miraculously found. The last time I was able to get to a halfway decent csr, he went over my account. We had made a payment via MoneyGram and they reversed it!! He said he could clearly see where a mistake was made but I still had to send over information via fax. Bank statements showing where we had paid. (Mind you, when we did make that payment via MoneyGram they seemed to have lost it. This took over a month to get resolved!) I faxed this stuff months ago and informed the CSR that until it is resolved I am not making another payment! I am now in Selene Finance Purgatory. I cant get through to anybody except my case manager. I guess they have caller id and it just sends me to them. His VM says he is out of the office from October something until November something! Does he even work there anymore???? I finally used my sisters phone to call and, after being on the phone for over a half hour, was transferred to another persons VM! This was supposedly a “supervisor”. Guess what, its been a week and no call back! I have now received a notice of default and intent to accelerate. I have the past due payments in my bank account but I have such a hard to sending them because they just seem to “misplace” my payments! Not to mention, I CANT make a payment because I cant get through to anybody nor can I do anything online! It tells me to call! I’m at a loss! We can’t refi with another company because we have poor credit. (Unless you happen to know of somebody??) I am so exhausted dealing with this! Suggestions??? Houses in our area have gone through the roof. We owe about 220,000 but I believe our house is worth 290,000 now. I’m pretty sure they want to foreclose because of the money they stand to make!

    Oh, and on a whole other note. I got notice a few months back stating that they had not received homeowners info from our insurance company. I called my rep…he said it was sent and sent it again. A month later…..they send me notification that they have put on their own insurance because we didn’t have any!!!!! While it was less than farmers, I KNOW the coverage is less as well!


    I can help if you still need it

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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