I’m So Very Sorry that I So Unfortunate to Be Stuck With Selene

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    There are times when life throws you a curve ball, and you feel like you were just unfortunate to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that sums up my feelings about being a soon-to-be former customer of Selene Finance. My home is scheduled for foreclosure sale on 11/28. I started reaching out to Selene to request borrower assistance on September 18, and they have yet to respond to my numerous requests, not even to let me know that my request was declined. I am so heartbroken and devastated because I am elderly, and I seriously doubt that I will have another opportunity to purchase another home. I don’t know how these people can sleep at night because they don’t give a rat’s tail about the hardships that their customers are facing. It’s too late for me, but I hope current and future customers of this demonic company can one day have the law on their side and can prevail over Selene’s unfair and borderline-illegal practices and can save their homes and financial investments.

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