If my story doesn’t prove how dirty Selene is nothing ever will

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    The gist of this story is that Selene moved forward with a foreclosure on my home after a year me fighting them because when they started to service my loan it was not in default. I had been in forbearance thanks to the CARES act. My loan was a Fannie Mae loan. Every regulatory financial entity out there made statements that there would not be a lump sum payment required for federally covered mortgages in forbearance. I began to contact Bank of America before my forbearance period ended assuming that guarantees applied to me too, but wanting to make sure it did. I kept up those calls to ensure I had done everything necessary on my end as I resumed making my mortgage payments. Somehow my loan ended up in Selene’s hands. The protection I had from Fannie Mae vanished. Selene demanded the full amount that had been in forbearance. They would not take a dollar less. They gave me the run around. This went on for a year while I banked a years worth of monthly mortgage payments hoping for common sense to prevail. They denied a modification. They ignored 14 emails. They ignored an attorney I hired to deal with them. They were not honest with complaints to the CFPB, the FHFA and my state AG. If somebody else has tried something I didn’t try I would be impressed. Especially it it worked. Nothing I tried did.


    I am so sorry to hear about your horror story but when contacting CFPB I had to call about 5 different times before I finally reached a person that could help me. I say that because I was not aware of Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Division. I completed my complaint online and they replied. They wrote to Selene Finance LP for me and requested an answer within 30 days to them & me. Without this I think I would have been stuck for 10 years with lots of late payments & derogatory remarks on all 3 credit reports. I truly hope you reach out to them & hopefully someone will shut Selene Finance LP down. They transferred the account from Shellpoint back to them (Selene Finance LP) I just wonder in this day & age what other mortgage company accepts checks only which can take from 7 to 10 days to get to them. I hope that you update this website on your progress. Good luck to you. Oh, I forgot to mention that my first payment after the transfer Selene says they never received that payment but thank God payment was made via Wells Fargo Bill Payment. Selene still says that JP Morgan Chase Bank who deposited the check is not affiliated but that’s not my problem, is it?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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