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    Belinda H

    My loan was sold from BOA to Selene. My mortgage has increased every since. My mortgage was behind, I spoke with Mr. Lee from Selene which I sent in about 5,000.00 to catch up my mortagage, but he applied it to my insurance which made my mortgage payment increase. I have tried all there services they offer for a modification but no luck.. I received a letter stating my home is in 1 stage of foreclosure to call the loan resolution manager which is Deandria Jones who will not return my calls. but she states on her voice mail, you do not have to leave the same messages serveral times, she will contact you. NO CONTACT YET. They said that I couldn’t get a modification until March 2016 which is almost here, but the house is in foreclosure now, no date yet.. Look like I’m stuck like chuck trying to deal with Selene.!! SOMEBODY HELP!!!


    get a lawyer selene is charging you every month to serv the loan thats why they stall you.when your house goes underwater from there fees they tell you cant afford to pay off what you owe with there fees.they string you along and tell you they will modify the loan and after 6 months of we need this and that they deny you and try to forclose and try to take your home and sell it to liqiudate the asset.thats the scam in a nut shell. the only to beat them is to fight to keep your home with a laywer or trash the home so they cant profit from it.
    remember there in it only for the money they dont care about your sick kids, eldery mother medical problems.


    Hello, I have been getting the run around with Selene for 2 years. Each time I am able to apply for a loan modification it comes back denied. Although, I have $100 in student loan debt only and monthly income over $10,000 I am still denied. This last time I was told my income source did not justify so sent the date to date income information which actually was more than the amount on the original application. I was then transferred to “cash for keys” My house has new roof, windows, central air, boiler, basement waterproofing. So, I said fine I would accept $15,000 and broom swept out by April 2020. I was told there best was $11,000 out by January. So, I am back to drawing board, I will go to court as for extended time to apply with Selene for a short sale. This company, really do simply want the house. I am saving documents for class action suit to follow! Surprise, it has not already happened!!


    Please help. Selene will not help me. My sale date is Friday.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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