Disabled vet forclosed without knowing they were my morgage company

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    Ive been passed from one scam to next sunntrust to
    Litton loan to green tree to ditech then selene who foreclosed on me. I didnt even know they were my new morgage company
    By time i found out they forclosed on me. Wouldnt work with me. I called them they asked if i had an absurd amost of money.. I told them no and person hung up on me. I was paying ditech but that didnt matter cuz they didnt have a loan number to reference.. Where my money go? Too late sale date was set less than 2 weeks of dealing with selene. I owned my home for 12 years. Im a 100% service connected disabled vet with PTSD…they threw me out of my home. My worst nightmare. Causing so much mental anguish. I couldnt move anything. No time to arrange for anything. I was a mental wreck. I walked out of my home due to eviction with a back pack and clothes i was wearing. My family home of 12 years after my military service. I lost all my family pictures, camper, furniture and family heirloom. They didnt care. It was a horrible day for me and havent got right since. Im still lost and face endless days of homelessness. Vulnerable to other scams. Constant victim. My credit destroyed. Foreclosure..but only see one late payment to selene on my credit report. They took my home, my safety, my memories, my belongings and threw me into my worst nightmare…a victim in homelessness and hopelessness.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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