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    Susan Meadow

    I asked for a Selene Finance modification they said no because I had one.I begged them to take what I owed that was late at the end they said no.I asked if they would let my son go on it with me so I could meet the payments they said no. I tried everything to no avail.,I fell in May 2014 & Dislocated my shoulder suppose to have surgery on it to fix the hole that was in rotator cuff couldn’t work I couldn’t lift anything. Then in December I had to have heart ablashioto fix my heart. Selene Finance still wouldn’t help me I got behind due to disability but they didn’t care .They said when they foreclosed in May 2015 they said I owed around 5;000-6000 but anyway they wanted my house and offered no help. I lived there 38 years my husband &I built it from ground up. How do you pack up all the memories and move.I can’t find a house to rent so they wouldn’t even let me live there and pay rent to them I have my 2 of my grandchildren living with me their dad works out of town. I have no truck they offered 1000 to help move but didn’t give it because I have to leave by the 5th and can’t will be evicted on Aug.11th so good luck to me.

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