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    Hi my name is Ruben Vargas about 4 years ago Selene finance took over my father’s mortgage. During this period they have taken double payments and have told my dad that he was behind on his house payments several times making him pay three or four months worth of payments when in fact my brother and I made sure my father’s mortgage payments were paid on time. Last year in August Selene finance threatened my father with foreclosure and my dad had to pay a little over $3,000 to keep it from going in the foreclosure when he was on time with all of his payments. My father is an 83 year old disabled Vietnam veteran who has worked hard all his life to fix his house up and keep it in October my father got really sick and ended up going to the hospital he in turn ended up being put in a nursing home by his brothers and sister and he signed a third party authorization form for myself to handle the business with Selene finance well due to him being in the nursing home his younger sister Irene took over his finances and stop paying everything because I was living there. You see 5 years prior to this I gave up everything I had including a home I was running to own to move in with my father and help my brother take care of him. Now with my father being in the nursing home my auntie forwarded all of his mail to her house and I was unaware of her stopping all the payments from being taken out of his checking account to include all the utilities also. When the utilities came out to turn off the water the electricity the gas everything I ended up paying a little over $4,000 to keep everything on and found out that his house was going into foreclosure I contacted Celine finance and tried to get the deck cured because all my father old was $21,864 and according to them he was behind from October or September of 2022. I contacted the lawyer who’s handling the case for Selene finance and he refused to talk to me I also called the treasury here in Colorado and they said they couldn’t give me no information again I contacted Celine finance they said they had never received the third party authorization form after I emailed it to him mailed it to him and faxed it to him not once but twice. So during this time I’m trying to figure out what to do with all my dad’s stuff and trying to figure out what I’m going to do now because my auntie Irene turned off the electricity and have the water disconnected telling them that nobody should be living there even though on September 14th when Celine finance auctioned his house off the company that did buy it and send a guy out to talk to me and he said that I could stay in the house for 60 days to figure everything out. So being without water or electricity now and trying to get everything moved out has been hell. I don’t even know how Celine finance got away with stealing my father’s house basically from him. When my father had a $180,000 in equity and not only that but I could have paid the years payments no I’m in this dilemma and I don’t know where to turn for help. My father ended up having dementia and is upset with me because he thinks that I let his house go into foreclosure when an actual reality Celine finance wouldn’t even talk to me I also had a power of attorney in September of 2022 but according to Irene she took over power of attorney in 2023 without even notifying me. I am also disabled American veteran but with everything that’s going on I have been struggling and stressing on what to do with all my dad’s stuff and where I’m going to go next I can’t believe Selene finance can do this to people. How sad

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