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The reason that I can help is I originally started doing this as a way to do foreclosure prevention for the homes in my area because our foreclosure rate had doubled by 50% let alone in 6 months. In doing this I was able to access records to lenders that most people weren’t able to see, I’ve been to law school but I don’t want to be a lawyer but I also do have the pass experience of working for Wells Fargo’s foreclosure team and I do have access to their foreclosure manuals so speak. When given the opportunity to take down lenders as Selene, who feel that they are Untouchable because they’re smaller Out Of Reach and a lot of investors. I ustilize all tge options, doors, contacts, and courts ti make sure they are in fact in compliance. I worked for a national law firm for 10 years and what they charged was outrageous. So I made a change and began my company.  To date I have been able to rectify misapplied payments, award modifications tgat had been 5 years waiting, stop sale dates, and have sale dates rescinded. I help homeowners keep their homes and be treated and serviced correctly by their lender no matter what.