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I too am having the same experience. I went through a complete loan modification process with Wells Fargo and after several months of resending documents over and over again, I was told that after 3 monthly payments they would give me a breakdown of how they arrived at over $130,000 increase in my balance and why it went from 14 years to 42 years. They refused to give me any documentation explaining how it got to that amount during the entire process. On the same day that our 3rd (on-time) payment cleared the bank they sold the mortgage to Salene financial. My previous 14yrs due on 185,000 was now over 400,000 and they put me in foreclosure. They also reported it to the credit bureaus and my score dropped over 40 points. They have had me fill out loan modification paperwork several times and each time another excuse for why it wasn’t accepted until they reject it completely and make me start over. Each time would incur more fees. One time it was rejected because my bank statement for 2023 ended on December 29th and they wanted the full year! The 2 missing days were not banking days! I am actively pursuing legal representation and hoping to hold onto my home of 35 years.