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Exactly what happened to you…has been happening to us. We have successfully been modified 1 time, and almost another but they sent paperwork to sign that we never received therefore we had to start all over. Sent numerous applications but something was wrong or we were “missing” something, or they’d make up a new rule like initial each page and number it. Multiple times we’d call and the answers always different. I know these calls are recorded. I recorded one call when I was fed up with all the BS lies.

Our mortgage was DOUBLED after a forbearance plan due to COVID and then the loan was sold to Selene.

ONE single employee was helpful in explaining their procedures (which we shouldnt have to know)…. for example…don’t fax/email a document on the last day due (I had done thinking it was instant) because Selene takes a few days to “process” and scan in.
Even better…. they actually will not begin processing your documentation until all completed and correct is received. Everytime they request an additional document or correction, it PUSHES THE LOAN BACK TO THE NEXT 30 DAYS, thus charging you another late fee because obviously you are already in the position of inability to pay.

We just lost our home. No idea where we can go, and I have a developmentally delayed 3 year old who attends school here. If this isn’t the clearest SCAM I’ve ever seen I don’t know what is. I need to do some research on class action lawsuits…because I just can’t settle for what they are doing to people who are already struggling.