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I am also scammed by this Selene Finance. My case is just a little special as I am not in the loan but I am the sole owner of the property. I lost my job and my EX who was the only name in the loan, put the loan on forbearance. After I got hired full-time, I wanted to resume the loan but applied for a loan modification and assumption of loan. My EX do not wish to sign any of my form and the lender sold the loan to Selene Finance. Nightmare started from there because they do not even want talk to me because I said they didn’t get any document that is allowing me to negotiate the loan with them. I took months, after requiring even birth certificates of my children. I plead several times and told them that I wanted to keep my house but they denied me numerous times. I tried to understand that and thinking that it is their tactics to pile-up the behind payments until the settlement amount becomes high and I will just give-up. They told me that I had to pay $42K to make the account current. It was a long process involving my banker and their representative. I didn’t pay $42K but I paid $43K which was my last straw up to the penny. After receiving my $43K, they recalculated my account and made it 7 months behind. They charged me $17+K on interest and only $9K goes to the principal. Now, they wanted me to pay $50K to make the account current. They gave me 2 options, Deed-In-Lieu, Short-sale or pay the arrears in full.

I just filed a complaint to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I just found-out about this company because they sent me a check from a big settlement issued to victims of student loan scam. I researched and I urged you to read about this movement. If a lot of us will submit our complain to this agency, CFPB will fight for all of us against Selene Finance. Selene Finance will have to answer back to us and probably will pay for the impact they created to all of us (emotionally, mentally and financially). I tried to copy my filed complaint and post it here but this section is not capable of any attachment. My complain number is 10801226. I urged all of us to file a complain along with me. I am also going to contact NACA agency who also advocates home-owners who are in the verge of foreclosure.