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@Nguardian7 – Can you share lawyer info? I have similar experience and I want to take my case to court:

I’ve been current with my mortgage payments and then my loan was transferred in Feb 2022 to Selene from Mr. Cooper. However, my township tax representative called me one day and said that I was delayed in paying my property tax for the 1st quarter of 2022 which will put my property on tax sale if I don’t keep it current. I explained that I have an escrow account and I am current on my payments. So we had a 3-way call with my township tax representative, Selene’s Escrow department and myself on 5/24/22 to clarify the issue on Delinquent Property Tax Bill for the 1st quarter of 2022. Selene’s representative confirmed that it has the funds in my escrow account and said that the issue would be resolved within 10 days. After repeated follow ups in the weeks that followed, the tax payment was not remitted by Selene. To prevent my property from going to tax sale on June 17th, I paid my township the amount of delinquent tax due plus interest totaling $4,235.27 on June 16th in cash from my own pocket. Imagine the potential nightmare if I didn’t pay it myself.

I called Selene to follow up on the refund because I will need it for my next amortization payments but the Selene representative told me that the tax payment is current suggesting that they made the tax payment. To clarify, I had another 3-way call on July 7th with Selene where my township tax representative confirmed that my cash payment of $4,235.27 made my account current with the township and was made by me. The call ended with a note that my refund would be forthcoming and if it doesn’t happen in time, there wouldn’t be any late payment reporting to the credit bureaus. As I never received a refund check for $4,235.27 or any communication in writing, I paid $335.01 additional to the escrow account on July 30th. This represents the difference of my refundable amount with the total amortization due for July and August 2022. In a registered mail dated Aug 12, 2022, I requested Selene to create a transaction to credit the $335.01 together with my refund for pay for the 2 months of amortization (July $2,285.14 + Aug $2,285.14 = $4,570.28) = (Tax paid $4,235.27 + 335.01). Despite assurances that my credit score will not be impacted and no late fees will be charged, my TransUnion score went down to 533 pts on 9/3 from 768 pts on 8/15 and Selene is also charging $214.48 late fees.

I even receive a letter from Selene threatening of foreclosure. I lost count on the number of “issue elevations” that has been made since May 24, 2022.

My escrow account has a current balance of $5,673 which indicates that the tax fund is still there. I know that the issue will be eventually resolved in my favor because escrow analysis is done at yearend. But because of the low credit score caused by Selene’s inefficiency, I lost the opportunity to refinance at a lower rate as interests has been increasing during the past months. For all the wasted time, troubles and stress that Selene has caused me, restitution is warranted and Selene should be held liable.