class action lawsuit against selene finance

has anyone contacted a class action lawsuit attorney yet. well i have and to file a suit we need more than 100 cases similar in complaint to file so anyone who whats to stop these people get your paperwork together to get the ball rolling. if anyone on this forum has started anything yet let me know.

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  1. These people have been paid. They bought my house from ballpoint they want 7,000 and over 42,000 at the end in 2051. My husband is 71 I am 60 and sickly. They never answer. The phone I know they are going to for close. We have been here 17 years. I spoke to a lawyer 3 times faxed him the paper work they sent he said DONT sign a damn thing! We did some looking into them 3 men and a woman are in on this and a F with the Texas better business. LAW SUIT WE ARE IN. !!!!

  2. i am in too. They went and put 55,122 dollars on my credit report for a home mortgage 20 years ago. i am fighting foreclosure now reported to trans union for investigation. its a intentional foreclosure and don’t have money for attorney, retired and on social security. I spent 2 months in hospital. I don’t know who these people are. Would like to transfer to federal court. Seems like lawyers and money.

  3. Waiting on a call from a firm right now, i will fight selene to the end, did it once an ill do it again, it is completely unfair the things there doing to people, we have to follow the rules then so do they and im going to hold them accountable. if anyone would like to be included an to talk feel free to add me on FB an Pm me, It’s Theresa Buffington , you can also email me @
    we need to fight them together, so if you’d like to join the fight plz contact me. Thank you
    you can

  4. Wow I had no clue there were so many others having the same issues with Selene. I have had such a hard time with them foreclosing and taking me to court to fight.

  5. Can any one tell me if there is a class action lawsuit going against Selene Finance. I definitely like to be included as they took my home of 23 years and another home my parents owned. They did sales without informing me or my attorney.

  6. I just got foreclosed on by Selene or they used SN servicing company and I was in middle of a loan modification with Wells Fargo. They told me to stop making payments to they could offer solutions when my ARM went over 7 percent (from $1860 forever to $2600) and we couldn’t afford the house we have lived in for 16 years. The house began to sink and all sorts of issues which came to around 120k forced us into needing some help. After the loan modification started I got a letter than Selene had my loan. I begged them to keep the same terms that Wells had promised. They ignored me and ignored me and ducked and dodged. I got a statement in mail and they were demanding around 45k before I was allowed to start making payments that were now over 2800 bucks a month! I had to file 3 bankruptcy cases over 2 year period just to block them and by now my credit was hosed so I was trapped. Apparently one of their legal crooks (shady lawyer) filed a motion to eliminate my stay. I was at a point where I did not want to get out of bed anymore and this is hard when you have a wife and 3 teens in the house that they are trying to take. This is the only house these kids know. I was traveling for work and found this out and by the time I could do anything they had foreclosed. I was told that an agent from a local real estate company was delivering a loan modification packet. I found it about a week ago in the pinestraw and bushes weathered so I called the guy and apparently he taped it to my garage door (Which opens and closes). 3 teens that drive and that thing never had a chance!!! WHY NOT AT MY FRONT DOOR and why wait this long as I have been suffering for 2 years almost! I was able to ask family for money and we came up with the total amount due on the house (basically buy the house at 330k) after an agent came and offered us ca$h for keys ($3k) . I got an interesting response of “There is nothing you can do but accept this offer otherwise they will start eviction process”! I AM NOT SURE if she realizes this but President Trump just announced that all evictions and foreclosures are on a pause! THEY ARE SICK SICK PEOPLE to continue to do this. We decided to WALK from this money pit and they can have it! It will never even sell “as is “due to the nature of the issues here. It is not safe to live in this house much longer! We have a contract on another house so we just want to put it to these scammers and NEVER ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE EVER AGAIN! Look forward to seeing these jokers in court! Does anyone know who this “US BANK TRUST NATIONAL ASSOCIATION AS TRUSTEE OF CABANA SERIES III TRUST” as they seem to be the group behind all this!

  7. So who is doing something? I am about to lose my home. I see everyone talk about group lawsuit but what do I do right now? I cannot afford an atty and I think Selene knows that. I am their target: Disabled
    fixed low income. Help me please.

  8. I have been having all sort of issues with Selene finance. I am seeking to join or start a class action lawsuit.

  9. I need help asap. I am in foreclosure and have court this month. I was asked by this company to pay many “Advanced Corporate Fees” in the tune of 200.00 some months…is this legal? I am on fixed income and it killed me to point i was behind 5,000.00 according to Selene and they filed forclosure…I have had my home 23 years…help me please someone.

  10. i have been trying for modification since january 2017 they said they would modify my loan send paper work i sent it they said yes cal friday and i did got some grouchy lady hell no we are not modifying that loan you told me monday u would well not that loan they said i was $50,000 ahead on principle payments they wanted the eqiuty i have i have filed bankruptcy to save house and refuse to give them my house am with hud counselor just started that and started to sue them but the attorney i went to tried to get is a ghost she will not call me so class act suite yes yes yes
    these people need to go dawn hard core and right now
    please help!!!!!

  11. Let me elaborate instead of just saying “I’m in”.

    I was transferred on an active forbearance that US Bank had set up right before my transfer. Surprisingly Selene had no record of it. Even after sending them a copy of the letter i got from US Bank, they still procrastinated and made me redo the modification paperwork. It was at this point that they denied me a modification of any kind. I never was appointed a contact person until being with them for 6 months. I didn’t find out this person’s name until I saw it on some paperwork for my denial. It has been a nightmare all around.

    I also want to know how we can just get any company to service our loan without us knowing. I would have never picked a D rated company.

    My email is

    I have not yet been foreclosed on but I have a feeling it is coming.

  12. Please reach out to me regarding Selene Finance. My mortgage was transferred to them. They claimed I was 30 days late which is a lie and charged me a property inspection fee in addition to reporting incorrect payment history to credit reporting agencies.

  13. I cannot even begin to describe the nightmare of this company. The Trustee in my bankruptcy case said that I should sue Selene and the past 2 lenders involved in this case

  14. You need an attorney that is very attentive to detail and is willing to take the time it is going to take to get through to them. The best thing to do is offer a short payoff of the loan but you must have a professional deal with them. They have many open ended contracts that’s look like a modification but indeed are only trial modifications that will take your money and still foreclose. I have never heard of the fees you stated. You can try asking the va for help.

  15. PLease we need action…who can help. My home has 75000 in equity but losing to Selene for 3.000 plus advance corp fees…what are advance corp fees anyway? Please I need help.
    Is my emaill please contact me if you can give me guidance or offer solution. Thank you

  16. Selene Finance has added over $8000 in Corporate Advance Balance Fees since taking over my mortgage in March, 2019. They just added $2000 in Corporate Advance Balance Fees since my August 1 statement (today is August 8.) I asked for validation of these fees on June 28 and they have failed to respond.

    I have a settlement coming in by August 19, and it will be more than enough to reinstate my mortgage, and I am expecting an increase in my VA disability on or around August 20, so I will have the means to continue to pay the mortgage, but I am unwilling, no…I flat out refuse to pay the Corporate Advance Fees that they have inexplicably tacked onto my outstanding balance.

    I want to be a primary plaintiff on any class action that is filed.

  17. I’m in. They tried to foreclose on my house for around $103 due to a change in escrow. They called my attorney and said they had to do more research and we would reschedule. They went to court anyway and I was foreclosed on. I’m in a Chapter 13. Luckily my attorney got my stay reimposed. They messing with me again though.

  18. I am in! We are in a fight to save our home from foreclosure. Our loan was sold to Selene by Seterus in January 2019.We had been working with Seterus for a modification after being affected by Hurricane Irma in 2017. Selene has offered a loan modification but our payments will double according to Selene. Asked if we could do a repayment plan. Told nope because we are in active foreclosure. We were a Fannie Mae backed loan yet Fannie Mae did nothing to help. They are a bunch of scammers who do not care about homeowners keeping their home. Please email me at

  19. I am currently fighting a Selene foreclosure they are charging excessive fees making it impossible to get caught up , charging more in fees then the past due amount. Which literally has went up $3000 in one week just from alleged fees. I am for joining a class action lawsuit. My email is

  20. I’m in if its still an option, they are working us hard, returning our payments trying to make us pay interest charges on missed payments that they returned.

  21. I’m in.. Please contact me @ 502 882 3530. I would like to know how to move forward?? Sell date: Set.
    Barry Gaddie.

  22. You should immediately contact the Beettee business burea and definitely call the consumer financial protection Berau who will help mitigate. If you do not get hold of this quickly they will put you in default. Make payments online not by check so you can prove you made them timely. Keep records of everything. Was this loan indefaukt at some point before they took it over? Who was the original lender? Selene is a debt collector/ loan servicer not a bank.

  23. Please let me know if a case action law suite happens, I had excellent credit until company brought my mortagage. Now am in hell dealing with them over late payments and escrow shortages. So far after writing them they still will not show proof of either.

  24. Contact hud. Also whatever attorney represented you should be able to help. You can also file a Dispute with equifax and trans union on your credit report .

  25. You must always have proof of payment. DO NOT allow them to take payments automatically but perhaps you can make payments online so you have a paper trail and proof . That doesn’t mean they will not misappropriate your money but you will have more of a case in court. Be careful before you sign ANY agreements with them. They often trick people into putting down large money and agreeing to a lengthy trial modification which is legally nothing in your favor because it’s not an actual modification.

  26. Contact better business bureau for starters. They will make it sound like everything is legitimate but you have to report them

  27. Selene services non performing loans that were acquired in a bundle for cheap. They get paid monthly by the actual owner of the loan which is usually a bunch of shareholders.

  28. Did you have an attorney represent you on the short sale? If so they should be assisting you

  29. We are dealing with a lot of the same issues. Tried to re-modify. Racked on massive fees and we finally had to short sell. We got got way more than than what we owed and they went after the VA. For almost $40,000. I’m at a loss. We also can not buy another home because of this. My HUD 1, all closing documents show we sold in good standing.

  30. I’m in. My loan went from Countrywide, to Ocwen Loan, to Selene Finance. What a run around, dealing with too many different reps, and the property foreclosed messing up my credit report. The crazy thing, that I was approved for a modification prior to Selene taking over the loan.

  31. My home that was financed by them burned down in August. After I received my payoff check from the insurance company in October. I sent it in to them they returned the check because I didn’t put a letter in the envelope telling them that I wanted it paid off. I have fought with them for 2 months now to get it paid. Since they had the payoff check , i didn’t make my monthly payments. They sent me foreclosure papers even though they had the payoff. Yes, I’m definitely in for a civil suit.

  32. I’m in Northern District Court now, for the third time. The first two times were with Bank of America/Countrywide. This time, it’s BofA and Selene. What’s interesting is the entities behind Selene. I don’t have knowledge of other jurisdictions, however, in Georgia if you miss a payment the courts do not have much sympathy for homeowners. Doesn’t matter how dirty the bank is. I’m very fortunate to have clean hands. I’m forced to send my payments certified mail to Selene monthly. They won’t cash the checks though. If anyone in Georgia has information feel free to write.

    Spdboy19 at hot mail dot com.

  33. Selene finance is a poor example of a lender, they have so many complaints Better Business Bureau and it’s about time that we stood On ourown judicial rights as borrowers rather than letting someone else control ourmatters. I was in the middle of a bankruptcy and they foreclosed on my home . I was fortunate enough to participate in 18 months program government program and was able to Maintain the payment history. the program ended, 20 months later I’m still in foreclosure. I like to know if it is illegal in the state of Nevada if you are in an active bankruptcy to start foreclosure on an individual. By the end of the day I had so many fees tacked on and trying to get a statement from them was impossible, as they have continuously ignored my request to update my address. I will do whatever it takes to help unfair loan predators stopped .

  34. I thought I was the only one getting screwed by selene. As soon as selene took over servicing my loan they lost the first two payments that my previous servicer Air billed to selene… now selene cant seem to find two payments. In the process of securing proof of payment from previous…..

  35. I already lost my house and my heart is still broken. They promise me to refinance my house but no response due to some requirements they ask every day. Months later the court ordered a sale date on my house amd here I am renting. My house was able the market value that what I owed but still got forclosed. Need help.

  36. I would like to join as well. It just so happens that Plaza sold my mortgage to Selene after I refinanced with Plaza. The escrow analysis was done wrong by Plaza because I paid off a a debt on my property taxes. They are so crooked it is hard to believe.

  37. Joanne,

    I’m a veteran currently in chapter 13 bankruptcy. Selene Finance purchased my loan from PHH and in December 2017. In January when I called to make my regular payment, I was told I needed to pay a higher amount. So I contacted my Chapter 13 lawyer who advice me to same all payments, which I did. In July I lost my job and submitted for a modification only to be told I don’t qualify and the reason is because they don’t believe I will get a job soon enough. But when I called the VA Office for assistance, they reported to the VA I owe them $40,000.00. Which by all accounts is incorrect. I’m have not received a statement or a letter notifying me of payment changes. I’m in for the class action suit to stop them before it gets to late for me. I’m trying to get a re-instatment letter with explanation from them to explain how I owe them $40,000 when they just took over my loan December 2017, after I been in bankruptcy for a year and some change.

  38. the best thing that can happen is they transfer your loan to another servicer then you can request a refund of the excess funds in your escrow.

  39. I am in as well. They have charger unnecessary insurance flood and hazard insurance costs from my escrow account. Every year it’s the same story. I have to send in the proof of insurance at least 3-4 times before they decide to cancel the insurance policy they open up instead on my behalf. This year it’s worse because I just received notice they are planning on selling my loan forward to another provider as of 11/26/18. This means the escrow analysis will show almost $8,000 of unwarranted insurance costs and thus my monthly payment estimate will go up by about $800 per month with this new shortage. Outrageous! This is predatory lending at it’s worst!

  40. we are in. we are victims of selene forced placed insurance and increasing fees. these are criminals. please, help us

  41. You need to speak to whoever actually owns the loan. Selene is a serviced. Also contact bbb in Texas where they are located

  42. Was this a trial modification ? Be careful how they worded their modification letter . Who is the actual Loan owner? Selene is just a payment /servicer of the loan. Do you have an attorney?

  43. You are so correct, they have added insurance onto my account. They use my escrow money, that is paid by me to pay my taxes and annual homeowner insurance.

  44. I did the modification with Selene, I have not missed a payment and they have missed place three payments and not threatening to move forward on a foreclosure against me. They have also increased the payment by over two hundred dollars without notifying me. Demons for real. No one in supervisory positions will talk to me or contact me. I pay Selene only thru my bank’s bill pay. The bank call them verified my payments and they are totally ignoring the bank representative verification of payment.

  45. I am in. The only way to stop my foreclosure-after they denied my request for loan modification 5 times-either because I don’t qualify or they said I didn’t turn in all the paperwork, which is a lie, I did both-and I was forced to file chapter 13 bankruptcy to keep my home. Due to personal issues (loss of employment etc) I eventually sold my house while in Chp 13. Selene tacked on abother $23K in fees and took all of my equity. I AM IN…

  46. Hello sir .
    I am experiencing this J.P Morgan Chase gave my suppose to be partner a loan of this type and Shannon from the company and her wasnt truthful with me and the bank but still they asked for no proof of income the loan should have not been granted she lied about her job and my income. Chase sold my mortgage to Carrington mortgage service and they were sued and chase and carrington we sued and carrington sold the mortgage to Selene Finance and now they are out to take my house everything in the mortgage im now paying. My partner said that the house was in good standings but after some research ive found out things i didnt know Clark (973) 931-6503everythin you mention happen to me

  47. Same thing happened to me. Selene is crooked. Fight them don’t let them win. Send in the paperwork by registered mail for proof you sent them. Include a list with every paper you send to them. Selene has stolen more than one of my payments and want me to jump through hoops to prove they received the payments. I pay everything by bill pay thru my bank.

  48. Selene is a bunch of dirty lieing crooks Please we need a class action suit I have called everyone that has any say on Mortgages on homes And have gotten no where with help How can this be happening in America Shame on Are Government For not having Laws that protect us from Selene Finance

  49. If it’s a fanny may or Freddy Mac loan they have to help you.
    Call FHFA they will walk you thru to find out and file a complaint to FTC CPB FHS
    Call your congressman and senators there are over 12333 complaints

  50. Hello my husband and I was given wrong info when we went to them and asked for help with saving our home, we were given a loan modification , but should have been offered the HARP program.

  51. I am in! I have sent in paperwork via email and they said they did not get my paperwork. Then one time they did say I was approved and they wanted $2,000 upfront which was in 14 days and then my payments would start Feb 1st which was 10 days away!! They never gave me anything in writing so in fear of losing my house in an auction I declared bankruptcy.

    I want a fair loan modification-is that to much to ask??

  52. These criminals bought my loan while we were in a chapter 13 repayment, which we had to file to protect us due to an unfortunate and unforseen extended unemployment 2012-13. We repaid ALL (nothing discharged) the outstanding and inflated debt early. A week or so after the federal courts closed the case these morons call to tell me we’re in foreclosure due to nonpayment! We were current to that point, then they began returning our payments. My lawyer called, emailed and sent a certified letter tne day the Selene rep called with that false information. They took more than 60 days to respond. Their attorney has promised a letter of reinstatement each week for past 5 weeks, it’s not going to happen. Count me in for a class action suit. In the meantime, we will continue to fight them.

  53. Let’s reach out to this firm. They are NJ and PA based but they may be able to help us all in some fashion.
    Mortgage Fraud Class Action
    Unprincipled lenders and mortgage brokers have defrauded thousands of innocent homeowners and consumers across the United States through predatory and fraudulent mortgage financing and refinancing. These lenders offer homeowners mortgages for which they are not qualified, leading directly to foreclosure and financial ruin. Often, improper fees are collected with these loans. Sadly, these unfair and deceptive practices are not uncommon and cost Americans billions of dollars each and every year.

    If you or someone you love has been a victim of mortgage fraud or predatory lending, you need an experienced law firm on your side that is not afraid to fight the large lending companies. At Golomb & Honik, our consumer attorneys will fight aggressively to hold predatory lenders and dishonest mortgage brokers responsible for their actions. Call us today at 1-215-278-4449.

    What is Mortgage Fraud?

    When you apply for a home loan, you trust that your mortgage company will treat you honestly and honor the terms of the loan. You also trust that your mortgage broker will consider your financial means to repay this loan and qualify you accordingly. You also expect that fees are lawfully disclosed and collected throughout the life of the loan. When these companies use predatory lending practices to secure or administer loans, homeowners are the ones who suffer.

    Mortgage brokers and lenders can commit abusive mortgage lending practices in a variety of ways, including:

    Failure to present loan price as negotiable
    Failure to disclose terms and conditions clearly
    Short-term loans with disproportionally high fees
    Fraudulently denying loan modifications
    Lying to borrowers
    Pushing borrowers into foreclosure to collect fees
    Offering borrowers larger mortgages for which they are not qualified
    Collecting unlawful or improper fees
    Abusive mortgage lending practices harm not only borrowers, but also government entities and investors who have backed these mortgages. When the same lender, such as a large mortgage company, deceives many people or entities a class action lawsuit may be the best legal option to protect the rights of all victims. Through a class action lawsuit, the costs of litigation are generally lower and the entire legal process is streamlined. A class action lawsuit is also the best way to shine a light on fraudulent activity and eradicate it once and for all.

    In recent years a variety of banks, mortgage companies, and lenders have faced mortgage fraud class action lawsuits, including:

    JP Morgan Chase
    Bank of America
    Wells Fargo
    EMC Mortgage
    Contact Our Consumer Lawyers

    At Golomb & Honik, our class action attorneys have extensive experience handling complex class action lawsuits against banks and mortgage lenders accused of fraud or predatory lending. To learn more about your rights and legal options, call the lawyers at Golomb & Honik today.

    Our experienced litigation attorneys have represented individuals and their families across the United States in their quest for justice. We believe in holding mortgage companies and lenders responsible for their fraudulent actions. To learn more about your legal options or to schedule a free consultation call the Philadelphia class action lawyers at Golomb & Honik today at 1-215-278-4449 or fill out our confidential Contact Form.

  54. Hello and Blessings. I, too, am in New Jersey and these demons from Selene are coming to lock my child and I out in a few weeks with the Sherif. Selene has been tormenting me for years. I had no idea they even took over my mortgage loan. I was in foreclosure with Selene and Selene continued to tell me to re-modify my loan. And every time I paid thousands upon thousands, year after year to re-modify my loan, Selene would diabolically increase my mortgage payments each time AND to make matters worse, they forced me to pay $10,000 before they would even allow me to begin to make payments on my trail loan re-modification. This went on for several years and now they are so evil and demonic that they are evicting me and my baby out of our home in a matter of days. I am so ready to begin/join a class action lawsuit against Selene. What are our next steps?

  55. Hi I am from New Jersey-
    It now appears these scammers are expanding their scam to the New Jersey area. The company Selene Finance LLC now has a location in New Jersey, and not just Texas- as it was reported online. BBB

    Selene Finance LLC
    Financial planner in West Deptford Township, New Jersey
    Address: 100 Grove Rd #6, Thorofare, NJ 08086
    Phone: (877) 735-3637

    My wife and I recently cured a debt with Selene Finance for $14,500 in May 2018 and it has not been reported to the credit bureau’s i have asked them several times to do so, but it all seems to fall on deaf ears. They like to provoke frustration and play it down as though we are not being “calm” you just know your being “toyed” because the answers they give to your questions are never clear. For instance, before we sent the $14,500 to cure our debt we were led to believe our debt would be just that “cured.” But after much denial on their part they finally told my wife and I we owe them an extra $5100.00 in “Corporate fees.” I have contacted their attorney Kominski and Manfro to request how much monies they have received for litigating and on their behalf and a break down of these fees as well loan fees that would amount to $21,000.00 in total. Our account is current but it has not been reported to the credit bureau’s.
    so I am writing this information to alert the other homeowners in New jersey who will most likely read this post.

  56. That sounds like a good start. I am going to see if I can start one and I will let you know when/if it is up and running.

  57. Let’s use social media to find the 100 cases we need .. Facebook , Instagram
    Should get over 100 in one day

  58. I have a Selene horror story as well
    Someone needs to stop there unfair practices

  59. I am definitely in. The CEO of Selene Finance was also employed at Bayview and Ocwen Finance as far as I have researched. This is a low down shame. They will not work with anyone on a payment they want two payments or they will not accept anything. I am definitely IN….. I will not loose my house to this crap of finance company. I am willing and ready to go all the way not just for my home but for many others that are in the same situation.

  60. They will do this many times. If you can afford one, make sure you hire an attorney or they will move in fast

  61. Document all your paperwork and call them out when they make a mistake or flat out lie to you . Threaten deception and bad faith . Get a lawyer right away they flat out walk all over you until you get a lawyer. Don’t let them convince you that they are trying to help you. There only goal is to stall you for months to get paid by the title holder. They are not a finance company they’re only goal is collect the debt and the more time you take the more fees they charge and add to your debt. They charge ridiculous fees , they double your home insurance and then add it to your debt. They never tell you exactly what you owe nor do they break it down. They will tell you you owe so much that you can’t afford to stay.
    You must file a complaint to the FTC and hud and consumer board housing
    PLEASE FILE THE COMPLAINT. It takes a lot of complaints for them to do something

  62. I had a wrongful foreclosure by Selene finance.
    Need help to sue them, please help!

  63. Im in. Im fighting foreclosure right now. I sent in all the paperwork months ago for a loan modification due to the loss of job and they claim they’ve never received it and filed foreclosure in April

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