2023 Illegal Sale- Disabled Vet foreclosed on

My dad is a Vietnam veteran and has lived in his home since 1988. His loan was sold to Selene more than four years ago. Last year he started to fall behind and worked out a refi program with the help of a local Legal Aid Clinic, to catch up his payments. He’s on a fixed income and can’t even afford to make the home repairs he needs. His home needs proper plumbing and a working HVAC system. He’s a stubborn old man, but deserves to keep his home. Last month, in September 2023 a stranger knocked on his door and informed him that his house had been sold in foreclosure by Selene. Of course, this was a surprise to my 75-year-old father. Luckily, a local housing legal aid clinic came to the rescue again, and after my dad had shown them all the automatic withdrawal payments from his checking account to Selene, they knew it was an illegal sale. The local legal aid office was able to contact Selene the next day and schedule a meeting for the next week. My father provided proof of the payments he had made in the months prior.
Selene illegally foreclosed on my father’s home. The sale was invalidated. Of course it was days and days of hundreds of text messages and phone calls from attorneys all over the State offering to provide services to fight the foreclosure for a profit. Our family thought that was the end of it. My father had proved that he made his payments, and there was no valid sale. Case closed- right? Nope.
Now, in Mid-October of 2023 we again are dealing with a supposed “new owner” who knocked on my father’s door again on Wednesday saying, “the home had been sold” to him. My father could not believe that the nightmare was happening all over again, especially since the automatic payments have still continued to come out of his checking account. Evidently Selene sold the mortgage (refi) loan to another company, called something like “Tokay” and my father did not know how to contact them or find out if they were the actual rightful, true lender now. According to the man that came to my fathers house, and took it upon himself to come inside, this new lender had sold my father’s property to him. “Wait, what?”
After another trip down to the legal aid office, the counselor there let my father know to not talk to anyone or let anyone else in his home until he figured out who the rightful lender was, and what had transpired this time. My father was offered a lump sum by this man allegedly with the current lender, leaving my father very confused. My father has a lot of equity in the home and the property values (Sacramento County, CA)  are pretty high in the neighborhood so if he were to sell, he would be do a significant pay out.
I just don’t understand how this kind of elderly abuse can happen (multiple times) when the customer is paying automatic payments out of their checking account, and the laws are being broken by predatory lenders.

Luckily, my father has a legal aid office that is helping him to possibly sue the appropriate lender(s) in civil court, but still the trauma of having to pack up and leave his home and find some other place to live is deplorable.

I know that my dad is just one of many that has gone through this scary nightmare, and I appreciate all the other information and insight to help stop this disgusting company from taking advantage of hard-working people who are just trying to keep their home.

Is the CA Attorney General doing anything? Has anyone had any luck with County DA offices to help file charges against these scoundrels?

JUNE 2023 Selene Finance LP – 2 MORTGAGE PAYMENTS TAKEN without my Authorization

JUNE 8, 2023  CHECK YOUR ACCOUNTS!!!! Selene Finance took 2 Mortgage Payments from me this month, One Payment on 6.2.2023 and the other on 6.6.2023. The SECOND WAS NOT AUTHORIZED NOR DID I MAKE THE PAYMENT TO THEM. Selene tapped my checking account of THEIR OWN ACCORD. They caused my account to overdraft and their customer service people are reading from a SCRIPT.

Their customer service people HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON INTERNALLY AT SELENE. They say they are AWARE of the problem and are fixing it. THIS DOES NOT HELP WHEN YOU’RE NOT AWARE OF IT AND YOUR checking account becomes overdrafted.

Let me know if this has happened to you.

Thanks. Terri.


Loan Modification Nightmare

We first contacted Selene and put in the paperwork for a Loan Modification in 2016.  Our interest rate was over 11% in 1989.   We thought it would be a good time to refinance and get a lower interest rate. We completed and faxed, e-mailed, and certified the same copies of the same paperwork constantly.

It’s been a lot of little things. This time a wrong date, next time a missing signature. The time after that there were missing pages from an  E-mail.  Selene Finance LP was the only one cc’d to ever complain about missing documents or signatures.

Now here it is 2022, we’re $35,000 in the arrears. We can’t get a home equity loan.  Our credit has never been worse.   The kicker is that we are both over 50 years young.  We never thought we’d be where we are at this stage of our lives.

We’re currently working with the State of NJ and will see this resolved sooner or later, one way or another.  Fingers crossed!!!

Loan transferred after completing trial payments

My loan was with Shellpoint I was approved for loan modification in October 2021 first trial payment in November 2021 with 3rd and final trial payment made January 2022. The day after the last trial payment was  made the loan was sold to Selene. They now are not honoring the modification that shellpoint had drawn up. They accepted February 2022 payment, but now refuse to accept payment unless it’s certified funds for the entire amount previously delinquent prior to modification. They just sent me a new modification with payment 250.00 more than the modified payment thru shellpoint with a 60k balloon payment and want me to do another 3 month trial period. Giving me 3 days to respond or they are moving forward with foreclosure.  What they are doing is illegal and against the law. They are out of controll and need to be stopped. Filing complaints with my state’s attorney general in the morning and have a meeting with attorney in the afternoon. Think it’s time they get slapped with  a lawsuit. They pull this because they think that home owners don’t have the resources to do anything about it. It’s time the pay for their shady ways.

Broken the law and lied

Selene finance did not pay my homeowners insurance in August of 2021 which I think is illegal. They said my note was not escrowed which was incorrent. Ironically, my statements from Selene show I am paying escrow. At best Selene is a poorly run company. At worst, Selene is a fraudulant and criminal company. My mortgage was sold to Selene in July of 2021. Since then Selene has broken the law and lied to me. When I tried to work with them to correct the issues I was put on hold, transferred, and hung up on with no resolution. I am in the midst of this horrible experince and concerned about what will happen next.

Fortunatly the AG in my state is helping to resolve this. Be vigilant.



Hey everyone sorry to hear that your case did not go well. But i have some good news that may just help us all out. I received a call from SIG/TARP  they are the government office investigating financial institutions and services for violations against the HAMP and HAMP programs, they are currently investigating Selene Finance. So type SIG/TARP look the up, contact them as soon as possible flood their office with emails and calls, and if you still have a copy of SELENE’S RIDICULOUS MODIFICATION make sure you get it to them. I think they be able to get the information they need. If they violated your HAMP modification by putting your house up for sale during your pending modification application, or denied you modification, or claimed they didn’t get your paperwork and if you didn’t get your actually HAMP modification and ended up with their in house version of your HAMP this would be the tome to let them know specifics, lie how long they strung you along, how many times you applied. All of these things are violations of what they were suppose to do. And on a sad note I lost my home to foreclosure in December 2018 that I had owned for 25 years and while I was looking for information I ran across cold hard proof that both Countrywide an Bank Of America committed mortgage and title fraud, by directing my settlements funds back to them. Then filed the Deed of Trust, covered everything up for 11 years….so alt of good that will do me now I’m out almost $350,000 but they are even wealthier all I have is my stack of paperwork that proves it happen. I am seriously thinking about plastering it online. We’ll have a good day. Don’t give up, we will get satisfaction in the end.

Selene Finance

I really can not believe once again another lender committing fraud.  My nightmare began with Countrywide selling my personal information and all me credit damaged.  Then my loan sold to Bank of America.  I gave them a mailing address they foreclosed on my home stating I abandon my property without going to the property were all my items were.  But yet took double payments so they said when they were supposed to write off 95,000 off my loan and gave me a new loan at a lower rate and payment just so I would not just walk away like everyone else had done.  But there was no need for me to walk away since at the time of purchase I put down 100,000.  No one was doing that at the time.  Now they asked me to open of BofA account to make direct deposit to my loan payment.  But they could not set it up from my bank account to their mortgage department.  So they paid for my Fed-x payment or almost 4 months.  That’s how screwed up they were.  Now I hire an attorney can’t remember his name right now, but.  This man charged me and over 25 other people to go against Bank of America and didn’t file an appeal so we all lost and once again our houses went into foreclosure again.  He also used our money to pay his personal expenses which is against the law.  He has now filed Bankruptcy to over 46 different people. So I then filed Bankruptcy to stop foreclosure once again.  So now I was on the hook for the payment that were not made during lawsuit.  So made now I owe another 36,000 back payments.  Because when you file Bankruptcy the lender can not take payments from you. So now I on the hook for the back payments overnight. So I met my obligation I filed to dismiss my case only to find out in February I didn’t owe a payment till July.  But yet they are asking for another 5,400.  For what?  Oh, and by the way if you hire a paralegal make sure they are not an attorney that has been disbarred.  They can still practice as a paralegal.  What is wrong with this picture.  Our system is screwed up.

Neat less to say the one industry I loved from the age of 16 now makes me disgusted.

Foreclosed behind my back

First I would like to point out that my family and I not only live at this property but my business is conducted on the property also!  I have been residing at this property for almost 17 years now! I felt like things were going to start looking up for my family, I felt like there was hope for the future, and then a Realtor came to my door and started offering me Cash for Keys on my home!!  I told her that I wasn’t interested and that I would call the mortgage company to get things straightened out. At this point I found out that Seterus Inc no longer held my account, it was Selene Finance. It took me a day and a half to finally figure out that not only did I not know that a different company had acquired my property but it had gone through foreclosure without me even knowing that it was happening.  I begged them to please give me another chance. Life was different and my kids didn’t know anything besides this being home!!

The customer service representatives that I spoke with at Selene Finance informed me that it was too late because the sale was already held on my home.  They also told me that nobody bought my home at this foreclosure sale so the property remained in their possession. I asked why they couldn’t work with me then and let me stay and I would pay any fees or fines associated.   They told me that was not an option. I then told them that my mother wanted to buy the property from them at which time they informed me that she was not allowed to do so. My mother-in-law, who was also residing on the property also went to talk to the realtor who informed her that neither I nor anyone related to me could purchase the property.

Meanwhile, I hired an attorney because I honestly felt that the foreclosure process was not carried out in a legal manner or I would have been aware that this was all happening.  The title company had provided me with a photocopy of the posting in the newspaper but I felt that with something of this magnitude I should have been personally notified. I called Mackoff Kellogg Law Firm multiple times prior to hiring an attorney, asking for proof that they had tried to notify me and I never received a response from them.  The attorney was able to attain documentation showing that they had sent me registered letters but the letters sat in the post office, unclaimed and got sent back. On the day that the letters were to be delivered, the mail carrier didn’t even bother to pull in my driveway to deliver them to me or even notify me that they were there or I would have absolutely driven to town to pick them up.  

Then my attorney was able to obtain  proof of posting which was a slap in the face because looking at the pictures that were taken, I was home that morning, possibly in the shop but on the property, as well as my children. and husband whom I had not gotten to leave yet, even though at the time of posting, I had been telling him for months, that we were over, and that I wanted him to leave.  He had informed me that the only way he was going to leave the property was in a box. I later found out, he removed the notice without telling me! For what reason, I still don’t know, most likely to be vindictive because I was trying to make him leave!

Now the courts have set a hearing date of June 4th and I am going to continue to fight this with everything that I have!! Any advice that any of you have for me would be GREATLY appreciated!!!