Scam on Selene Finance

I’m in…I have had nothing but problem after problems with this company. They sent me a forbearance in which I could not afford the $1300.00 monthly payment. So I called and asked for a modification. Didn’t hear from them. I called them and the person I believe was Johnathan he said “yes I see you did apply and under review. Never got a letter one way or another. Last month I got a call from a Daniel Ellis and Rowdy Sebastian saying I qualified for a modification. 3 payments trial period but I had to pay the first installment. So I did. Then got a call from Selene saying  I was behind and when can I make a payment. I told him about the modification and he said he doesn’t see it. Scared now I call those two back questioned them about this and where was a letter from Selene stating this modification. He said you don’t get a letter but a text about the agreement then the paperwork after the trial period is over. Sound fishy to me. This is just a short story there is more to it from the very beginning they brought my mortgage. So after reading all these stories I’m getting kinda worried. I do plan on calling the suggested places to file a complaint. And will attempt to call the corporate office.
this company is  total scam.