Foreclosed behind my back

First I would like to point out that my family and I not only live at this property but my business is conducted on the property also!  I have been residing at this property for almost 17 years now! I felt like things were going to start looking up for my family, I felt like there was hope for the future, and then a Realtor came to my door and started offering me Cash for Keys on my home!!  I told her that I wasn’t interested and that I would call the mortgage company to get things straightened out. At this point I found out that Seterus Inc no longer held my account, it was Selene Finance. It took me a day and a half to finally figure out that not only did I not know that a different company had acquired my property but it had gone through foreclosure without me even knowing that it was happening.  I begged them to please give me another chance. Life was different and my kids didn’t know anything besides this being home!!

The customer service representatives that I spoke with at Selene Finance informed me that it was too late because the sale was already held on my home.  They also told me that nobody bought my home at this foreclosure sale so the property remained in their possession. I asked why they couldn’t work with me then and let me stay and I would pay any fees or fines associated.   They told me that was not an option. I then told them that my mother wanted to buy the property from them at which time they informed me that she was not allowed to do so. My mother-in-law, who was also residing on the property also went to talk to the realtor who informed her that neither I nor anyone related to me could purchase the property.

Meanwhile, I hired an attorney because I honestly felt that the foreclosure process was not carried out in a legal manner or I would have been aware that this was all happening.  The title company had provided me with a photocopy of the posting in the newspaper but I felt that with something of this magnitude I should have been personally notified. I called Mackoff Kellogg Law Firm multiple times prior to hiring an attorney, asking for proof that they had tried to notify me and I never received a response from them.  The attorney was able to attain documentation showing that they had sent me registered letters but the letters sat in the post office, unclaimed and got sent back. On the day that the letters were to be delivered, the mail carrier didn’t even bother to pull in my driveway to deliver them to me or even notify me that they were there or I would have absolutely driven to town to pick them up.  

Then my attorney was able to obtain  proof of posting which was a slap in the face because looking at the pictures that were taken, I was home that morning, possibly in the shop but on the property, as well as my children. and husband whom I had not gotten to leave yet, even though at the time of posting, I had been telling him for months, that we were over, and that I wanted him to leave.  He had informed me that the only way he was going to leave the property was in a box. I later found out, he removed the notice without telling me! For what reason, I still don’t know, most likely to be vindictive because I was trying to make him leave!

Now the courts have set a hearing date of June 4th and I am going to continue to fight this with everything that I have!! Any advice that any of you have for me would be GREATLY appreciated!!!