Selene Finance

I really can not believe once again another lender committing fraud.  My nightmare began with Countrywide selling my personal information and all me credit damaged.  Then my loan sold to Bank of America.  I gave them a mailing address they foreclosed on my home stating I abandon my property without going to the property were all my items were.  But yet took double payments so they said when they were supposed to write off 95,000 off my loan and gave me a new loan at a lower rate and payment just so I would not just walk away like everyone else had done.  But there was no need for me to walk away since at the time of purchase I put down 100,000.  No one was doing that at the time.  Now they asked me to open of BofA account to make direct deposit to my loan payment.  But they could not set it up from my bank account to their mortgage department.  So they paid for my Fed-x payment or almost 4 months.  That’s how screwed up they were.  Now I hire an attorney can’t remember his name right now, but.  This man charged me and over 25 other people to go against Bank of America and didn’t file an appeal so we all lost and once again our houses went into foreclosure again.  He also used our money to pay his personal expenses which is against the law.  He has now filed Bankruptcy to over 46 different people. So I then filed Bankruptcy to stop foreclosure once again.  So now I was on the hook for the payment that were not made during lawsuit.  So made now I owe another 36,000 back payments.  Because when you file Bankruptcy the lender can not take payments from you. So now I on the hook for the back payments overnight. So I met my obligation I filed to dismiss my case only to find out in February I didn’t owe a payment till July.  But yet they are asking for another 5,400.  For what?  Oh, and by the way if you hire a paralegal make sure they are not an attorney that has been disbarred.  They can still practice as a paralegal.  What is wrong with this picture.  Our system is screwed up.

Neat less to say the one industry I loved from the age of 16 now makes me disgusted.