selene liars

We had our loan with citi mortgage and at that time-when real estate dropped and mortgages were underwater all over the place, we ran into hardship when we knew we were going to lose our business . we called citi for help BEFORE we were late on our mortgage. They told us they couldn’t offer us any help unless we were 3 months late. Eventually after several months of asking for assistance we stopped payments for the 3 months and as they advised  us to do, and we applied for a loan modification. We did this and paid forbearance payments as we were instructed while submitting all requested documents and waiting for a final modification–they lost my paperwork and many other excuses-this went on for 2 years and 4 trial periods of forebearance payments. Then suddenly citi refused to accept payments from us -we filed chapter 7. when 7 was closed i called citi and they told me i didn’t owe the debt and they couldn’t speak to me. This went on for about 2 years ,and then they transferred the loan to Selene. I have been trying to modify with Selene for 4 years now. I have an attorney who said that Justin has been nasty and stated that Selene does not modify loans using Hamp or harp or any of the mods out there. He was insulting and rude and VERY unprofessional and wanted cash up front. It has been 4 years  of Selene saying they didn’t get paperwork , repeatedly requesting and sending in an appraiser every 3 months-requesting the same documents repeatedly- or just refusing to answer us, stringing us along and then denying us saying many vague or untrue reasons such as  we have excess debt (we have none). Recently they actually offered us a mod with 30K down and 6 months of trial payments of 3900.00 (which could be changed at any time per their offer) and a loan amortized over 40 years but payed  off in 30 which caused a balloon of 235000.00 at the end. The offer was so open ended and stated in so many different ways that they could change it at any time. It said at any time they could still deny and foreclose. At the time of that offer they had an auction date set. I changed attorneys and they called them out on dual tracking-so they stopped the sale and we filled ANOTHER modification. All the information they needed was sent-Justin assured he had everything-then he stopped answering the calls from the attorney and set another auction date-then selene sent another  denial saying we have excessive debt(we have none) I have filed chapter 13 and a loan modification request in federal court. I am not very optimistic on a good outcome as it seems they just want to take my home. I am going to continue to fight to the end-but it is emotionally draining. I have 2 children and a husband and we make more then enough now to pay a mortgage. They are not willing to negotiate at all! I will keep you updated on the outcome.