Loan transferred after completing trial payments

My loan was with Shellpoint I was approved for loan modification in October 2021 first trial payment in November 2021 with 3rd and final trial payment made January 2022. The day after the last trial payment was  made the loan was sold to Selene. They now are not honoring the modification that shellpoint had drawn up. They accepted February 2022 payment, but now refuse to accept payment unless it’s certified funds for the entire amount previously delinquent prior to modification. They just sent me a new modification with payment 250.00 more than the modified payment thru shellpoint with a 60k balloon payment and want me to do another 3 month trial period. Giving me 3 days to respond or they are moving forward with foreclosure.  What they are doing is illegal and against the law. They are out of controll and need to be stopped. Filing complaints with my state’s attorney general in the morning and have a meeting with attorney in the afternoon. Think it’s time they get slapped with  a lawsuit. They pull this because they think that home owners don’t have the resources to do anything about it. It’s time the pay for their shady ways.