Hey everyone sorry to hear that your case did not go well. But i have some good news that may just help us all out. I received a call from SIG/TARP  they are the government office investigating financial institutions and services for violations against the HAMP and HAMP programs, they are currently investigating Selene Finance. So type SIG/TARP look the up, contact them as soon as possible flood their office with emails and calls, and if you still have a copy of SELENE’S RIDICULOUS MODIFICATION make sure you get it to them. I think they be able to get the information they need. If they violated your HAMP modification by putting your house up for sale during your pending modification application, or denied you modification, or claimed they didn’t get your paperwork and if you didn’t get your actually HAMP modification and ended up with their in house version of your HAMP this would be the tome to let them know specifics, lie how long they strung you along, how many times you applied. All of these things are violations of what they were suppose to do. And on a sad note I lost my home to foreclosure in December 2018 that I had owned for 25 years and while I was looking for information I ran across cold hard proof that both Countrywide an Bank Of America committed mortgage and title fraud, by directing my settlements funds back to them. Then filed the Deed of Trust, covered everything up for 11 years….so alt of good that will do me now I’m out almost $350,000 but they are even wealthier all I have is my stack of paperwork that proves it happen. I am seriously thinking about plastering it online. We’ll have a good day. Don’t give up, we will get satisfaction in the end.