Another victim of Selene Finance

Yes another victim of Selene Finance.  I was told by Jason at Selene my account rep that they would modify after 2 years of trying.  They told me to put 15k down then payments would be 1700/mo.  I told them if I had 15k I would had done this already.  They are very non helpful and threatening.  I had to file a chapter 13 just because they would not work with.

3 thoughts on “Another victim of Selene Finance”

  1. Selene had set a date to Forclose and sell my House on December 5, 2019.
    I had a buyer for my House that qualified and we were just waiting for the Buyers Lender to cut a check. Selene would not wait and forclosed my house. Then sold it to the Buyer be hind my back for financial gain and Left me now Homeless..They use Deception, Manipulation, Confusion and Bully Tatics to acquire your PROPERTY.. Making sure that they obtain Maximum Profit and leave you DEVISTATED .

  2. What lender do you recommend. Can I also request another loan servicer. SELENE IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am sure if you look closely at the paperwork they sent you it says TRIAL modification which means nothing!! They can take your money and still foreclose. The 13 will stop auction but you must also ask the judge to oversee a modification through the court. You will need an experienced lawyer. The only way I got out of the loan with them was to get a private lender and pay them off in a short payoff.

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